Failure of Will?

A failure of will in the War on Terror: that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo".

Writing in The Washington Times, former CIA agent Michael Scheuer says the USA does not have the will to win the War on Terror. Scheuer believes the American public is not prepared for a brutal war, is not educated enough to understand the danger, and will not demand action from timid politicians.

He's right. We, the people, are not accepting the fact that the war against Islamofascism will require great sacrifice on our parts and George Patton like leadership. We are simply not prepared for the fight.

Our leadership in Washington right now is bogged down in political bickering over Iraq and is neglecting national security. Every elected official should demand the border be secured, but few do.

We have the cut and run crowd. We have the don't know what to do crowd. We have a president who wants to stay the course in Iraq, but a public that doesn't understand what the course is. What a mess.

The press is appalling, full of indignation about stuff that doesn't matter, like Valerie Plame. Who cares?! Who? The press.

Lawyers for terrorists captured overseas — who cares if they get lawyers? And a laser like obsession with every military screw-up. Do you think the American media understands the war on terror, the danger we're all facing? Do you think the press has responsibly covered that?

Scheuer says the USA will be attacked by Al Qaeda using nuclear weapons obtained in Russia. Scheuer is sure this is going to happen.

A study by the Kennedy School at Harvard says 50 percent of the Soviet nuclear arsenal isn't secured. So anyone with money and know how can get the nukes. And as we all know, anyone can sneak across the Mexican border and get here. Have you seen that on the front page of The New York Times? Maybe they could squeeze it in next to their obsessive Abu Ghraib coverage.

All Americans must realize we are talking about potential massive destruction here. But there's no urgency on the part of politicians and the press, plenty of sniping and spinning and complaining, but no will to win the War on Terror, to do what must be done.

Unless we all unite and accept the fact that Muslim terrorists are looking to destroy this country, we will indeed suffer a catastrophe. We were warned on 9/11. And this "Talking Points" is trying to illuminate that warning. We need to toughen up and defeat the people who want to harm us, wherever they may be, even here.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Once again, The New York Times has run a positive article about the far left Air America radio

Earlier this week, we told you we would point out which mainstream media operations and people are helping the far left smear web sites. By far the biggest offender is the New York Daily News. Its gossip pages routinely use defamation from the smear sites. There's a pipeline there.

A few weeks ago, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was vilely — and I mean vilely— attacked in the pages of the New York Daily News. So I recommend you not buy the paper or advertise in it until publisher Mort Zuckerman stops the madness.

Elements at MSNBC, the struggling cable news network, also routine pass along far left smears. You probably already know that, disgraceful.

And one more. Our pal Cindy Rodriguez at The Denver Post wrote another column based on smear web site material from the far left. The column was full of errors which The Denver Post says it will correct on Sunday.

We appreciate the paper doing that. Corrections are never ridiculous.

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