Hey, Andrea!

Did you know that Taylor Swift wore the same style to an event recently? You’re a true fashionista! This dress is perfect for an evening affair. Unfortunately, the problem a lot of women have when dressing up is that cute cocktail dresses don’t necessarily match the cold winter weather. Fear not! Adding tights to any short style is a total fashion do! I especially love patterned tights for an extra kick. I’ve also discovered a fabulous ADAM cropped tuxedo jacket with diamond cuffs on sale at shopbop.com for $222.50. It’s a great alternative to a wrap and sure to keep you warmer, looking fabulous, and lasting season after season!

For those of you who love Andrea’s dress, but are a bit intimidated by the price tag (the dress retails at $363), I found two similar options that might fit your poor economy budget. The first is an Ali Ro style I found on sale at macys.com for $104.25 and the second is a tuxedo style from Target for only $22.99!

Check them out and happy shopping.

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