'Exterminate White People' Follow-Up

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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And they're monitoring our people to try to prevent the one person from coming up with the one idea. And the one idea is how we are going to exterminate white people. Because that, in my estimation, is the only conclusion I have come to. We have to exterminate white people off of the face of the planet to solve this problem.


SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Last night, we brought you this story of former North Carolina State University professor Kamau Kambon, who made those comments at a forum on media coverage of Hurricane Katrina last year. It has caused so much outrage that we thought we'd try to bring you a closer look tonight.

Joining us now from the New Black Panther Party is Minister Hashim Nzinga is with us.

Are you going to support this?

HASHIM NZINGA, NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY: I'm going to say this. It's a shame that you go back to 2005 and pull up these words and then bring on the grandson of slaves and ask me if I'm going to support this.

HANNITY: Are you?

NZINGA: I feel that you should have played that this man was a professor at two colleges. In 1999, he got a citizen of the year award.

HANNITY: I don't want his resume. I don't care about his resume. He just talked about exterminating. The only conclusion I can draw is we need to exterminate white people. I asked you a simple yes or no question. Do you support this garbage, yes or no?

NZINGA: Well, here I am on your show right now. You set me up for extermination. You always bring us up for the FBI profile so later we can be exterminated. White people set people up for extermination and carry it out.

HANNITY: Let me tell you, this is a very simple question. I'm sure you can understand.

NZINGA: No, it's not a simple question. You've got to ask, I would say, why would a professor at North Carolina state, why would a man who delivers his own children, why would a man who's married to the president of Black Psychologists come out and make a statement like this against you? You've got to ask yourself this question. You've got to ask yourself, seriously, why would the professor use this language?

HANNITY: While we ponder the intellectual curiosity of the professor, I have a very simple question for you. And I'd like an answer. Our audience would like an answer. He's talking about exterminating. That means murdering and killing white people. Do you support that?

NZINGA: OK. We would like an answer, the audience, why did the young man get shot 50 times and exterminated in New York? And turn to survival...

HANNITY: You can't — I can only suppose...


NZINGA: ... party had to go to New York on Sunday to do rallies in the streets. I mean, in Atlanta, and 88 year-old sister...

HANNITY: Hang on a second. We're not talking about that tonight. Look, I can only...

NZINGA: We're talking about the extermination of people.

HANNITY: I can only suppose that you, by your inability to even take as simple and basic a stand that extermination, talking about racial extermination being wrong, is that you support him. The real question our audience has to ask is it's kind of scary...

NZINGA: No, what we've got to ask...

HANNITY: ... that he has as twisted views as you do. Because you're talking about exterminating white people.

NZINGA: What your audience, what your white audience has to ask, is what makes a professor talk like this?

HANNITY: What do you think makes him do that? What do you think does?

NZINGA: What makes him do this? Because when you study...

HANNITY: Why does he talk about exterminating white people?

NZINGA: When you study the British, they tried to exterminate every black person on earth.

HANNITY: So this is payback? Was that wrong?

NZINGA: When you study...

HANNITY: Was that wrong?

NZINGA: When you study Hitler, Hitler tried to exterminate people. When you go to the people who really have carried these duties out, it's always a person of color.

HANNITY: You're having a hard time having a conversation here.

NZINGA: I'm not having a hard time.

HANNITY: It's very simple. If...

NZINGA: We're talking about white people going around the world exterminating people. Black people just talk about it. That's what we're talking about.

HANNITY: If extermination is wrong, then when we have people talking about...

NZINGA: Why won't you denounce it? Why don't you denounce Sean Bell's killing?

HANNITY: Extermination is wrong. It's morally wrong. What this professor said is morally wrong. Will you say the same thing?

NZINGA: I won't say it. I will study it. And I will come to the conclusion that after we study you, after you exterminate people all over the world...

ALAN COLMES, CO HOST: Mr. Nzinga, hold on. Even I don't want to exterminate Sean.

But let me ask you this. You know he's no longer a professor in the first place. He's not teaching any more there. He's a former fester. And you've got to wonder why he is a former professor there, not a current professor.

Since you refuse to answer Sean's question, a very simple question, do you agree with what he said? You've refused to repudiate it. What do you — what would you like to see, Mr. Nzinga — let me finish the question — happen to white people? You want them exterminated or not? What is your view?

NZINGA: Let me say this. I have to say with Malcolm X that you can't put a man on this a stove or oven and then get mad at what he says. White people always put black people on the hot seat, then get mad at their comments.

This man is a professor. This man has studied the world over and over again.

COLMES: That has nothing to do with what he said.

NZINGA: He's finding across the world that white people, everywhere they show up, they exterminate the people there and dominate everywhere they go.

COLMES: Isn't this kind of language when you talk about exterminating any particular race, no matter who says it, no matter what you have on your resume.

NZINGA: I'm talking about history and who's really doing it. That's why right now the New Black Panther Party all over the country is in the streets because the black man are being shot down by police officers.

COLMES: That's a red herring. We're not talking about that. We're not denying that's the case.

NZINGA: That's called extermination. You all right now to get...

COLMES: You keep changing the — please stop changing the subject.

NZINGA: They're all fighting now to get — an 88-year-old grandmother got killed in Atlanta...

COLMES: Mr. Nzinga.

NZINGA: Right now, 14 people in my county, Dekalb County, have been shot down by police.

COLMES: No one's justifying that.

NZINGA: This is just talk he's doing. But your government is supporting the extermination of black race.

COLMES: It's your government, too. You're not living in the United States? Are you a United States citizen?


COLMES: Are you a United States citizen?

NZINGA: Yes, I am.

COLMES: So, it's your government, too, whether you like it or not.

NZINGA: No, it's not my government, because I can't control the government of the United States. Nobody can control George Bush.

COLMES: All right. You're way off topic here. It's a very simple premise that we brought you down to discuss.

NZINGA: Well, you bring me on to set us up for something later.

COLMES: You didn't have to come on, sir. You agreed to our invitation to come on and talk about this.

NZINGA: I came on to talk to my people. My people need to worry about being exterminated because that's the reality in black America. Black America being exterminated is a reality.

COLMES: You're coming on with your attitude...

NZINGA: What you are doing is sensationalism, but we're going to funerals.

COLMES: Sir, you had an opportunity to come on the show to address this. It was a very simple issue. You're coming on with your own agenda. If you didn't feel that you were going to get a proper hearing...

NZINGA: You're bringing me on your show, and I'm coming on to support the salvation and leadership of Malik Zulu Shabazz.

COLMES: Anybody...

NZINGA: We're right now trying to keep black people all over the country from being exterminated by your police.

COLMES: All right. You've got your own agenda. It has nothing to do with what we're talking about. To talk about the extermination of any race, that's bigotry. Pure, simple bigotry.

HANNITY: We've got to run.

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