Summer vacations aren’t just for school kids – they’re for TV stars too.

With most shows on hiatus now, the beauties of the small screen have headed to the ocean where they’re showing a lot of skin. And while they look great on their shows, they look even better in their bikinis.

So which primetime leading lady has the best beach-ready body?

RadarOnline.com asked three fitness and nutrition experts to rank 12 bathing beauties in terms of who has the fittest and shapeliest figure in a teensy bikini. The panel is made up of Dr. Edward Jackowski ,author of the bestseller "Escape Your Shape;" Bob Esquerre, internationally known trainer, nutritionist and CEO of the Esquerre Fitness Group; and Dr. Aaron Tabor M.D., a weight loss specialist from North Carolina.

We’ve got a winner, but trust us, when you view all the photos you’ll see there are no losers in this group.

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Here are the experts’ picks for the three best TV stars’ bikini bodies:

And the Gold Medal goes to....

Evangeline Lilly: The experts found the "Lost" star to be TV’s top bikini body, because as Dr. Edward Jackowski says: “She looks great in her white halter bikini and has the curves of an all-American gal without being too muscular.”

Trainer Bob Esquerre adds: “She is extremely well proportioned. It looks like she works out because her abs are so well toned.”

And Dr. Tabor notes: “She’s got a naturally thin body but probably keeps it so healthy-looking by eating a diet rich in proteins, fruits and vegetables.”

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And the Silver Medal goes to....

Hayden Panettiere: There’s no shame in finishing second when you look this good, you’re still a "Hero."

Trainer Esquerre nails it when he says: “As a trainer, I love her healthy, athletic-looking body. She’s got just the right amount of body fat and muscle.”

Dr. Tabor says: “Her naturally petite frame appears to be enhanced with a lot of toning exercises and a protein-rich diet.”

And Dr. Jackowski is equally impressed : “She looks like she’s just finished her vaulting routine for the judges. She’s got a great athletically toned body.”

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And the Bronze Medal goes to....

Denise Richards: She finishes third with our judges, which shows you this is a tough competition.

Dr. Tabor notes: “Her toned figure is the result of intense workouts and a diet packed with protein and low-carb vegetables.”

And Dr. Jackowski observes: “She has a perfectly symmetrical body that’s taut and toned.”

It’s hard to disagree with trainer Esquerre, who says: “She’s got great curves that do a bikini justice!”

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Meanwhile, the stars of the small screen aren’t the only hottest bods around.

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