Experts Give Tips on Helping Kids Cope While Parents Are on Active

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Thousands of children are trying to cope while their parents are in the Persian Gulf, a situation that one counselor compared to the pain of divorce for a child.

The National Association of School Psychologists offers some suggestions on how to help those children cope. More tips are available at the association's web site

-- Keep children informed.

-- Discuss events in age-appropriate terms.

-- Acknowledge and normalize children's feelings.

-- Share your own feelings.

-- Provide extra support and reassurance.

-- Involve children in planning how to cope.

-- Maintain routines as much as possible.

-- Share household chores at age-appropriate levels.

-- Shield children from financial worries.

-- Reach out to others.

-- Take advantage of existing resources.

-- Address concerns that a loved one may be injured or killed.

-- Be willing to discuss the concept of death.

-- Recognize and respond to changes in behavior.

-- Be aware of youngsters at higher risk.

-- Take care of your own needs.

-- Maintain good communication between home and school.

-- Teachers should assess student needs.

-- Schools should reach out to the community.

Fox News' Meghan Mullan contributed to this report.