Children as young as nine are being treated for alcohol abuse at a Scottish rehabilitation clinic, and experts there say it's a growing problem.

Staff at a center in Aberdeen, United Kingdom have already helped six alcoholics under the age of ten this year.

Andrew Hall, chief executive of Alcohol Support, which runs Albyn House clinic in the city of Aberdeen, said they had 38 patients registered under the age of 16, with dozens more on the waiting list.

And he believes the binge drinking epidemic facing Scotland's youth is only going to get worse.

"There is an increasing demand on our service from children aged nine and up - it's a growing problem," Hall told The Sun.

"At one stage this year we were treating six children under the age of 10."

"All the evidence shows that children are starting to drink earlier, they are drinking more and the results are getting worse - we now have kids dying of liver failure."

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