The father of Scott Peterson's (searchmistress Amber Frey (searchhas written an exclusive letter to FOX News' Rita Cosby and the New York Post.

In it, Ron Frey (searchdefends his daughter against what he says are vicious prosecution attacks and gives us an inside look into Amber's frame of mind as the date of her court appearance nears.

As the time draws closer for my daughter, Amber Frey, to give her testimony at the Scott Peterson double murder trial, I try to be as helpful to her as I can.

The other day I asked her how she was holding up and she told me, "It's so hard to hear myself criticized by people who don't know me, especially when they take issue with my being a single parent. But you can choose to remain a virgin until you're married — and then never be asked. Or you can have consensual sex and get pregnant. Then you have two choices: terminate the pregnancy - or thank God for the blessing. I've chosen to give thanks for the two wonderful children I love very much."

Her words brought tears to my eyes. I hope everyone out there can find a place in their hearts for Amber. She is giving all she can to life.

She never asked for the attention or "celebrity" status that has been thrust upon her. All she wants is to raise her young family and do her civic duty.

But Amber has paid a very high price for her courage in coming forward to help the Modesto police and district attorney. The attacks on her by so-called experts on television talk shows have been vile and hurtful.

What has happened to her could be costing us as a nation even more. The next time a high-profile criminal case happens, will the treatment she has received discourage others key witnesses from having the courage to do what Amber has done?

Those people who analyze, criticize and condemn her before she has even spoken a word on the witness stand make me think that justice doesn't stand a chance.

I thank God for my daughter Amber.

       Ron Frey