Exclusive: Aubrey O'Day Set to Bare All in Topless Vegas Show? | Shia Labeouf Not Dating Megan Fox Despite What His 'Wishes & Hopes Would Be' | Vanessa Minnillo: I Hate My Stomach!

Exclusive: Aubrey O'Day Set to Bare All in Topless Vegas Show?

Holly Madison recently hit headlines by scoring a seductive topless role in the hit Las Vegas "Peep Show" and it sounds as though one-time "Playboy" pin-up Aubrey O'Day wants to be follow in her footsteps.

According to an inside source, the axed "Danity Kane" diva is being primed to take over the role of "Peep Diva" (previously played by Mel B.) and if it all goes thru she will most likely start performing in the Fall.

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"Aubrey's people have pitched and the production team is definitely interested," added our insider.

A rep for O'Day declined to comment, however we hear that she's already vying for magazine covers in Vegas to promote what may well be her new temporary home.

Shia Labeouf Not Dating Megan Fox Despite What His 'Wishes & Hopes Would Be'

Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox get considerably hot and heavy on-screen, but off-screen the actor says they're friends only — but that's not to say he doesn't want more.

"I understand the introspection that way, we have been working with each other for years now. She is a very attractive girl and I am a red blooded 23-year-old," LaBeouf said. "I get it ...It makes sense to me but it is just a professional relationship regardless of what my wishes and hopes would be."

But how does Fox feel about the romance rumors?

"We have just a real good natural chemistry. I enjoy the s**t out of him, I enjoy his personality a lot," she said. "He is absurdly witty, I love him to death and we sort of have like a natural banter, brother-sister relationship that we both enjoy."

But back to LaBeouf, the "it" actor also revealed that the next "Indiana Jones" film is almost ready to roll.

"The story is progressing, it was a successful movie for the gentlemen and we all really enjoyed making it," he said, adding that co-star Harrison Ford is "gung ho" about it.

Meanwhile his role in the upcoming "Money Never Sleeps" (aka "Wall Street 2") is "in full-blown prep."

"I'm investing and talking to hedge fund managers, it's a whole different landscape for me. I never really knew anything about finance," LaBeouf explained. "My parents never had money. My grandfather came here from the Holocaust and started a life, that's the most financial success we ever attained on both sides of the family. My dad's whole family is bottom feeders and artists. So this is really the first time we have ever had any kind of validation or success in our family and I get to take the derivative info to my mother and be like 'Hey Ma, this is what a derivative is.' It's an education for me and my entire side."

Vanessa Minnillo: I Hate My Stomach!

Most people would agree that Vanessa Minnillo is up there with Hollywood’s hottest, but it seems the young starlet is less-than-satisfied with at least one stubborn body part.

"I always have problems with my abs, especially when I see these women who have beautiful, sculpted abs," she groaned to Tarts at last week’s launch party for Reebok’s new Easytone sneakers. "My parents are like ‘you're a woman, you're supposed to have babies, you're supposed to have a womb’ but I cannot tone them for the life of me so that's my trouble spot."

But the newly single starlet isn’t shedding any tears over Nick Lachey and is busy getting bikini-buff for the next beau that comes along.

"I just got back on this kick because it is summer time and we all have to squeeze into our bikinis. I just started working out 3 days a week and I love it," Minnillo added. "I love the feeling. It's good for your serotonin level, my clothes fit me again now, its beneficial on so many levels both inside and out."

And Mr. Lachey isn't shedding to many tears either — we're told he is enjoying some "boys time" with his brother and father in Africa.