Exclusive: How Miley Cyrus Dumped Boyfriend Justin Gaston

Miley Cyrus dumped Justin Gaston after realizing she was “never truly over” her ex, Nick Jonas, an inside source told FOXNews.com.

Almost immediately after reuniting professionally with Nick, teen queen Miley dumped Justin by explaining her love for all things Jonas, according to an inside source.

The rekindled romance between the Disney stars Cyrus and Jonas, both 16, began during a Disney Channel photo shoot a few weeks ago,” a source tells FOXNews.com. “Miley explained to current beau Justin Gaston after the shoot that she was never truly over Nick and that all her feelings were coming back for him”

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Once Justin was out of the way, the teens got back together “almost immediately,” much to Nick’s family’s excitement, for both personal and professional reasons.

“One day Miley was with Justin, the next she was with Nick again! His family is thrilled with the reunion. Nick’s mom always loved Miley and in light of their Disney show, J.O.N.A.S. taking in the ratings lately, the entire Jonas camp is excited. There’s a hope that their renewed romance will benefit everyone.”

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Miley’s family however isn’t quite as thrilled, especially dad Billy Ray, who introduced his daughter to the 20-year-old model.

He “was a big friend to Justin and the two had spent a lot of time bonding together,” the source says.

But Miley and Nick are “on cloud nine” now that they are back together. And despite their busy schedules, the stars find a way to keep in contact.

“They still manage to speak daily and send texts and Tweets all day long to each other. After Nick gets done performing they usually video chat online late into the night. Every night! It seems to work for them and both are happier than normal. They are very sweet together”