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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: And there is another breaking development tonight concerning the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. Now "Hannity & Colmes" has, in fact, obtained a copy of this book. It is written by Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn in 1974. It's called "Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism."

Now this book proved very difficult to obtain. Even in the New York City Public Library, one of the largest libraries in the world could not provide us with a copy of this book.

Now the book reads like a manifesto of the Weather Underground but the most shocking thing is on the dedication page. Mr. Ayers and his band of terrorists devote the book to, quote, "all political prisoners in the U.S.," and the book then lists about 100 or so names.

Among the names they list a U.S. political prisoner, Sirhan Sirhan. That's right. This college professor, who is just a guy from the neighborhood who never meant to hurt anybody, who bombed the Pentagon, the Capitol, New York City police headquarters, dedicated his book to the man who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy.

So how can the same Democrats who are making a million excuses for Ayers and Obama be OK with this?

We continue now with Pat Caddell and Ann Coulter.

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Pat, I know you for a long time. I don't think there's any bigger fan of Robert Kennedy than you. Now he sat on boards with him. He wrote -- he wrote favorably about his book. He sat on the Woods Foundation, this Annenberg Foundation, the Annenberg Challenge.

The guy is a respected professor now. He dedicates a book. He's -- not sorry about bombings. He stomps on the American flag, says guilty as hell, free as a bird, what a great country.

How is this not a bigger issue for Democrats like yourself?

PAT CADDELL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, for me, personally, Ayers is a real problem. I'm shocked at this thing about Sirhan Sirhan. Robert Kennedy was my political hero as he was to many people. He -- this is the 40th year since his assassination. That changed America. Ayers is out there bombing people.

I really don't understand what our problem is in denouncing him and also this -- you know when the mayor says of Chicago oh that was 40 years ago. Well.


CADDELL: . that's when Robert Kennedy was killed. And this is a man endorsing. I'm sorry, I don't know why Obama has not denounced him.

HANNITY: But Pat, I want to take this a step further.

CADDELL: And I wish they would because this -- you cannot defend the indefensible. This man tried to kill people.


CADDELL: I'm sorry. Just (INAUDIBLE).

HANNITY: Pat, here's my question, Pat. He's on the verge of being elected president here.

CADDELL: Yes, he is.

HANNITY: First of all, let me be very blunt with our audience. I think that Barack Obama lied when he said he didn't know about Wright. I think he lied when he first said oh he is just a guy that lives in my neighborhood.

The association is extensive. I think it's also about his judgment. It's Ayers, it's Wright, it's Pfleger, it's Rezko, it's -- Khalidi, Khalid Rashidi, whatever his name was, Rashid Khalidi. It's -- he goes to the Million Man March with Farrakhan, the most radical elements in society and everyone wants to dismiss it and I want to know why.

CADDELL: Well, look. I think that if this election had not been blown up over the financial crisis, and the Bush administration, Mr. Paulson blowing it up, and the McCain campaign not stepping up to the plate, I think this would be a different election.

We're not -- it's not going to be. And the problem is.


CADDELL: . there are lot of issues not being discussed.

HANNITY: All right. Let's bring Ann in here.

CADDELL: The fact is these things would have mattered. The problem is we have an economy and, Sean, I agree with you, the fact is all these things should have been explored.

COULTER: The other problem is.

CADDELL: It's just as McCain's associations should have been. The fact of the matter is we haven't and.

HANNITY: McCain doesn't have associates like that.

COULTER: Nobody has associations like his.

CADDELL: I mean, Ayers is too much for me.

HANNITY: Hang on. Let's go to Ann.

Ann, go ahead.

CADDELL: Ayers is too much for me.

COULTER: The problem with this election is the only place you can find out facts like this is on "Hannity & Colmes" or "Hannity's America". Why is it that this book of Bill Ayers, this friend of the man who may be the next president in a matter of months, "Hannity & Colmes" is the first one to get a copy of this book dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan?

That is shocking. That is frightening.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Let me answer your a question.

Pat, you're a strategist.


COULTER: I don't think I got my full time.

COLMES: You never did.

HANNITY: Finish your point.

COLMES: You never do. You never do.

HANNITY: Finish your point.

COLMES: Pat, I want to talk to you in just a second.

HANNITY: You're not going to let her finish her point?

COULTER: I had a big one.

COLMES: What else would you like to say, Miss Coulter?

COULTER: I had a big one. I was going to save it -- OK, I was going to save it for because it's in my next book but in point of facts I know Obama is going to say about this, '74 that was so many years ago.

No one seems to have noticed also like no one noticed this until tonight that he also dedicated fugitive days, his most recent book to a whole list of cop killers.

COLMES: This has nothing to do with Barack Obama.

COULTER: Everyone is a cop killer.

That has nothing to do with Barack Obama?

COLMES: OK. Let me get -- let someone speak now for a second.

COULTER: Every single one of Obama's friends is a dangerous lunatic.

COLMES: All right. Pat Caddell -- every single one.


COLMES: He hasn't had any friends who were not lunatics and radicals?

COULTER: Would you be in the same room with Jeremiah Wright?


COULTER: And William Ayers.

COLMES: Yes, I would be in the same room with them.

COULTER: With Khalidi? With the inspiration of the Black Panthers?

COLMES: Yes. Hey, look, Ann, I'm in the same room as you.

COULTER: OK. That is funny. But I'm not about to be president and this is a serious matter.

HANNITY: Ann Coulter didn't blow up the Pentagon.


HANNITY: Hold on. Hold on you guys.

COLMES: Let me go to Pat Caddell. Pat, look.

CADDELL: Yes, Alan, you have a question for me.

COLMES: Pat, this is not working for the McCain campaign. They rolled this stuff out during the primaries. It is now five days before an election. If for no other reason if you want to win a campaign, you've run campaigns, is this the way to do it?

CADDELL: No, no, look. Let me tell you the issues. First the issues they have not raised. If I were in the McCain campaign or Republican, what about the card check issue with the unions which says that we won't -- you can't have secret ballot anymore in the election?

I'm no surprised Republicans didn't make that an issue. Instead this stuff as much as I believe that there are questions here that aren't answered five days before the election isn't enough to decide this when in fact people think.

COLMES: Pat, we've already talked about Ayers.


COLMES: Let me ask you a question, Ann. Let me ask you a question, Ann.

Now, William Timmons, Washington lobbyist who heads the McCain presidential transition team, was a lobbyist for Saddam Hussein. Why shouldn't that be a problem for John McCain?

COULTER: John McCain was not having dinner with Saddam Hussein.

COLMES: He takes his transition head a lobbyist for Saddam Hussein.

COULTER: With all due respect to Pat Caddell who I admire and trust on things the card issue, yes, that is an issue. With one association after another that is beyond the pale with Barack Obama. I feel like we are talking to the Germans after Hitler comes to power saying, oh well, I didn't know. I had no idea he was going to be like this.

With this guy Americans ought to know. The media is covering up except on this channel, thank you, Sean Hannity.

COLMES: What kind of judgment.

COULTER: This is shocking. One time after another.


COULTER: And coming out and saying that the Supreme Court.

COLMES: Wait, we only have a moment.

COULTER: . the Warren Court was too conservative because they didn't order.

COLMES: You're yelling and screaming.

HANNITY: Redistribution of wealth.

COULTER: Wealth and redistribution.

COLMES: What kind of judgment.

COULTER: It's all out there in front of you.

COLMES: Excuse me, what kind of judgment does it show that your transition team head was a lobbyist of Saddam Hussein?

COULTER: Come on.

COLMES: For Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein. That's who he chooses.

COULTER: You love Saddam Hussein.

COLMES: Oh yes, I love him.

COULTER: Democratic senators said.


COULTER: I'm sorry, Democratic Senator Rockefeller wanted Saddam Hussein back in power.

COLMES: All right. All right.

COULTER: After we removed him he wanted Saddam back in power. Don't act like you're against him.

COLMES: My ears hurt.

All right. Thank you both very much.

CADDELL: We were supportive.

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