Exclusive: Brooke Hogan Suffers Stress Attack, Hulk Rushes to Be By Her Side | The World Is Getting Over Jon & Kate  

Exclusive: Brooke Hogan Suffers Stress Attack, Hulk Rushes to Be By Her Side

Brooke Hogan generally comes across as pretty calm and collected as she cruises around in her VH1 show "Brooke Knows Best", but beneath the surface she seems to be suffering some serious medical problems.

The 21-year-old reality starlet/songstress was scheduled to perform alongside Sean Kingston, LMFAO & rising pop princess Kristine Elezaj at PARTY 105’s MEGA JAM Concert in New York this past Saturday. However Pop Tarts has exclusively learned that Hogan pulled out at the last minute after suffering anxiety attacks, along with some other medical ailments.

We’re also told that her famous father Hulk Hogan (who was scheduled to host the whole concert) then withdrew in order to be by his daughter’s side, forcing organizers to proceed without a hosting replacement.

"Brooke is incredibly sensitive," a source close to the starlet said. "She really cares about everyone around her and takes on a lot."

A rep for the Hogans told Tarts that "Brooke is better now, but she was sick for a couple of weeks and advised that she couldn’t travel or perform." The rep also claimed that Hulk wasn't scheduled to perform.

The beach-loving blonde recently took a shot at a second studio album entitled "Redemption" and with it exposed a number of very personal emotions.

"All of the drama with my family and me and my mom and the separation between us and all that crazy stuff, I actually wrote about that," Hogan recently told Tarts. "I actually have a song called ‘Dear Mom’ and it's about the trials and tribulations with my mom, the battles with the press - and I'm in love, so I wrote about that and just everything that I've been through."

The World Is Getting Over Jon & Kate

Reality stars Jon & Kate are still paparazzi hot property, but it seems the world is wiping their hands clean of the separated couple.

According to Nielsen Ratings, the TLC show drew a mere 1.9 million viewers on the episode which aired on August 10. The week before it averaged 4.2 million - quite the decline since June when the show hit an all-time high of 10.6 million around the time the separation was announced.

However it seems Kate Gosselin and fellow multiple mom Nadya Suleman are both soon-to-be overshadowed by a woman in Gafsa, Tunisia who is preparing to pop out a whopping 12 babies that were conceived via a fertility treatment. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for that reality show…