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Exclusive: Bo Bice Talks Troops and Why "Idol" Could Suffer Without Paula

"American Idol" Season Four Runner-Up Bo Bice has certainly mapped out a route to success that includes a lot of time on tour (hence the name of his new album is "I Love the Road"), but entertaining our troops overseas has been the biggest highlight of his journey.

"I come from a military family, so when the call came to go over to Afghanistan, I jumped at the chance. Those two weeks were life changing, getting to experience how these men and women live, to see the true vision of what's going on over there," Bice told FOXNews.com. "Over here in the United States, we're cut off. We don't see that there's so many bases out there that are controlled by other countries, and that we're the support effort. So there's a lot of different people tied up in this campaign. But the men and women there never waiver, whether they're a support group or on the front lines. I took away a new respect and love for what freedom really means."

Bice also chimed on on the continuing Paula Abdul controversy, and said "Idol" may take some knocks without Abdul at the judges table.

"If you took away Randy or you took away Paula or you took away Simon, you're changing the dynamic of what made the show great," Bice added. "I don't think it could equally handle the loss on either end of which way the teeter tot goes, whether it be Simon or Paula. It's like having a hit show, take Joey out of "Friends"… would it still be just as big of a hit?" 

Well, when you took all of the other "Friends" away, "Joey" didn't do so well. But that's another story...

Elaine Hendrix "Freaked" on Blind Date With Steve Martin… and Another Woman

Most women would probably have been pretty pumped to have been set up with funnyman Steve Martin - but the experience for actress Elaine Hendrix was well, not exactly amusing.

"It was mortifying. I got set up on a blind date with Steve Martin, only I didn’t know I was getting set up and I didn’t even know he was going to be there," Hendrix recalled to Tarts at last week’s Los Angeles premiere of "Legally Blonde: The Musical" at the Pantages Theatre. "It was a private dinner party, the person had been telling me for months ‘oh I really want to introduce you to Steve Martin, I think he’s going to love you’. So I get seated beside him, and he keeps asking me questions all night long. There were all these other people there, and I was the youngest person by about 20 years at least. I was so freaked out, and he just kept asking these questions, and I just kept giving one word answers and turning back to my food."

And while Hendrix said she wasn’t sure if he was married or seeing someone else at the time, he did show up to the "dinner date" with another lady friend…

"I was so confused as to what was going on…" she said.

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