Exclusive: Andie Macdowell 'Embarrassed' to Take Her Clothes Off as Narcissistic Sex Addict | Millions to Spare? RIP Next to Marilyn Monroe | Shauna Sand Only Does 'Paid Interviews' While Her Sex Tape Saga Heats Up 

Exclusive: Andie MacDowell 'Embarrassed' to Take Her Clothes Off as Narcissistic Sex Addict

Most of us remember model-turned-actress Andie MacDowell as Emilio Estevez’s crush in "St. Elmo’s Fire" or the victim of adultery in "Sex, Lies and Videotape" - but the classic beauty is back in two new Lifetime flicks "At Risk" and "The Front" (based on the Patricia Cornwell novels), both set to air next year, and she's stepped out of her comfort zone to play naughty.

"I play a real bi**h, I was a narcissistic sex addict and had to sleep with young men," MacDowell told Tarts as L’Oreal Paris (for which she is an ambassador) received a Friend of the Walk of Fame in Hollywood on Tuesday. "But it was embarrassing because I’m pretty shy and yet I had to look at myself in the mirror and take my clothes off …"

But one thing Ms MacDowell isn’t "embarrassed" about is her age and unrelenting determination to get work in an industry centered on juvenescence.

"We live in a society that sees getting older in a certain way, but I keep trying to tell myself of my value and my worth. I’m really comfortable with my age, I’m 51 and I have no shame about that whatsoever and I’m really comfortable in my skin," she said. "I take really good care of myself and I insist to not go away. I want to work because it brings me a sense of self worth and dignity, I like my job. I may not be the lead or I may not get the starring roles that I used to because so many movies revolve around youth, but I refuse to go away because I enjoy it. I always find a way to get work. It may not be the best parts I used to get or it may not be as easy, but I’m still here."

And although she’s past the half-a-century mark, MacDowell still manages to look au natural and stunning - so L’Oreal products aside, what’s her secret?

"Drinking a lot of water, getting enough sleep and doing yoga - but I really think it is acceptance. We all get older so I’m celebrating it," she added. "Wonderful things happen when you turn 50, you change perspective. You ask, ‘who am I? What do I want to do with my life? What have I not done that I want to do?’ I feel like I’m enjoying life more, it’s not so much about pleasing other people. I feel like I’ve had so many successes on so many levels even if it is just my relationships with my friends."

Millions to Spare? RIP Next to Marilyn Monroe

If it sounds a little cryptic, that’s because it is - literally. eBay, powered by Auction Cause, is now giving a lucky bidder www.ebay.com/eternitywithmarilynanother chance to secure their final resting place in the crypt directly above the iconic beauty after a Japanese bidder failed to front up with the finances after successfully acquiring the land for $4.6 million on eBay earlier this year. Only this time around, hopefuls need to pre-qualify with a $500,000 deposit.

The crypt has actually been occupied for the last 23 years by entrepreneur Fred Poncher who bought the coveted crypt above Marilyn Monroe in the late 60’s after conversing with her former flame, Joe DiMaggio. We’re told that numerous monetary offers have been made to Poncher’s family over the years to purchase the crypt, but it wasn’t until 2009 that they decided to unanimously "provide for his family by offering his spot above Marilyn to another admirer."

Monroe was laid to rest in 1962 in a marble mausoleum crypt in Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, which is also the burial place for a multitude of other icons including Farrah Fawcett, Natalie Wood, Rodney Dangerfield, Dean Martin, Jack Lemmon, Eva Gabor, Truman Capote, Armand Hammer, and Darryl Zanuck.

Shauna Sand Only Does 'Paid Interviews' While Her Sex Tape Saga Heats Up

Shauna Sand was a playmate once upon a time and managed to extend her fifteen minutes with a marriage and divorce to 80’s soap star Lorenzo Lamas. The bottle blond then made a sex tape with her new French beau which "miraculously" ended up in the laps of the leading adult entertainment company, Vivid.

Oh, but clearly Ms. Sand has an extra sense of self-importance and not much clue as to how the media world works - or the fact that nobody really knows who she even is.

"Shauna is only doing paid interviews and appearances," her rep said.

Okay, we’ve stopped laughing now. But speaking of the tantalizing tape however, Vivid was due to release the racy "Shauna Sand Exposed" on Monday but put a temporary hold on it while its lawyers and a handwriting expert counter a "cease and desist" letter sent by Ms. Sand's attorney.

"The video is private property and was not created or intended for sale or public distribution," Sand’s attorney warned, demanding that the studio "produce any legitimate, written proof of Vivid's asserted rights" to distribute it and denying that Sand ever signed a release or waiver.

However Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid-Entertainment, dismissed the claims and said that the distribution would be delayed for about one week while a handwriting expert verifies that the signature on a release form granting rights to the video is demonstrated to be authentic.