Ex-Verizon Worker Arrested for Allegedly Calling 1-900 Numbers From Customers' Lines

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Police nabbed an ex-Verizon worker from New Jersey Tuesday for allegedly making $220,000 worth of phone calls to 1-900 numbers from thousands of customers' land lines he hacked into.

Joseph R. Vaccarelli, 45, was charged with theft in the scam, according to The Star-Ledger.

Vaccarelli, of Nutley, was employed as a facilities technician for 10 years — until last month.

During that time, he allegedly made about 5,000 phone calls to the chat lines using the minutes of about 942 customers, the Star-Ledger reported, citing Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli.

Vaccarelli could find himself spending as much time behind bars as he did working for Verizon. He faces a maximum 10-year sentence on each of two counts of theft, according to the Ledger.

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