Ex-'Idol' Finalist Nikki Mckibbin Drove Son to School Drunk | Stephanie Pratt Gains 20 Pounds, Jennie Garth Laughing About 'Heart Disease' Reports | Pete Wentz’s Bar Shut Down For Illegal Practice

Ex-'Idol' Finalist Nikki Mckibbin Drove Son to School Drunk

She came in a narrow third on the debut season of "American Idol", but it sounds as though life went on a big decline into the detrimental world of drugs and alcohol for Nikki McKibbin following her singing success.

"I was a horrible person when I drank. I was awful and really mean and really angry and I started fights with people for no reason, I was a bad mom and a bad wife," McKibbin told Tarts at the recent "American Idol" finale in Los Angeles. "I took care of my son when I was high and was driving to school drunk, I was just really bad off."

Fortunately, McKibbin hit rock-bottom and realized she needed help so did what so many wannabe stars do and enrolled in Dr. Drew’s "Celebrity Rehab" last year.

"I just had come to a point in my life where I knew I needed help, so when they called and gave me the opportunity I just took them up on it," she said. "I need the help and I need it now so I might as well take them up on it. I am still clean and sober; it will be one year on June 10th."

Now that she’s clean and focused, McKibbin is working on a lighter rock album and has a single called "Inconsolable" out on iTunes which documents the pain of losing her mom. And despite being a comeback kid the winner of her "A.I" season, Kelly Clarkson, has given her the cold shoulder.

"I haven't talked to Kelly in a while. She sent me tickets to a concert three years ago and I showed up high and I don't think she wanted anything to do with me after that," McKibbin added. "But I do love her, I’m so proud of her. She’s such a great girl and she's getting everything she deserves."

Stephanie Pratt Gains 20 Pounds, Jennie Garth Laughing About 'Heart Disease' Reports

Stephanie Pratt comes across as being in pretty good shape but according to "The Hills" starlet, she has gained a significant 20 pounds over the last year which she is struggling to lose.

"I've always been skinny but I've gained an extreme amount of weight," Pratt told Tarts at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night. "I'm still working on losing it. When I turned 22, I gained 20 pounds. I exercise and diet ...." But the reality starlet hasn't yet had success.

Meanwhile Twilight sensation Peter Facinelli (and husband of "90210’s" Jennie Garth) insisted that reports that his wife is suffering from "heart disease" are actually pretty amusing.

"Jenny's doing great, leaky valves are very common. The media blew that out of proportion. The whole family was chuckling yesterday because on the news it flashed, Jennie Garth has heart disease and it flashed across the ticker and I was like, ‘honey you never told me’ and she started laughing because its not heart disease, it's a leaky valve and a lot of people don't even know they have them," Facinelli explained. "They really don't affect you but she's a big advocate of getting your heart checked because her dad had heart disease and affected her life a lot."

Speaking of MTV, a slew of stars including Rumer Willis, Jonah Hill, Andy Samberg, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron (who couldn’t keep their hands off each other) as well as Kelly Osbourne and Forrest Whitaker hit up the after-party at Hollywood hotspot Teddy’s on Sunday night. But the life of the party was the seemingly single Cameron Diaz (who reportedly split from British model Paul Sculfor recently) who came alone and was one of the last to leave.

"She hung out with Hayden Panettiere for a lot of the night and mainly floated around the bar area," said our inside source, adding that she sipped white wine throughout the evening and seemed to be happily chilling out.

Pete Wentz’s Bar Shut Down for Illegal Practice

Pete Wentz is a married man but it seems he has a thing for underage party peeps -- or at least his NYC bar "Angels and Kings" does anyway.

The Wentz co-owned East Village bar was "temporarily" shut-down over the weekend after reports emerged that staffers were selling alcoholic beverages to those under the age of 21, sparking the third citation for the low-key hotspot.

"There was an outstanding legal issue which the owners are now working to correct," a rep for Wentz told Tarts on Monday.

According to the venue’s Web site, it was "closed for maintenance issues" on Monday but has an open bar and karaoke already on the agenda for Tuesday and Wednesday.