Political comic Bill Maher (search) is being sued by a woman who claims he shook her at a party and welched on promises to marry her and buy her a home in Beverly Hills.

Nancy "Coco" Johnsen (search), a former model and flight attendant, is seeking $9 million and other unspecified damages, according to the action filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. It accuses Maher of fraud, battery and assault.

An e-mail seeking comment from Maher was not immediately returned Thursday. He could not be located by telephone for comment.

Johnsen claims she fell in love with the HBO "Real Time" host during a 17-month relationship that began in January 2003.

According to the suit, Maher convinced Johnsen to quit her career and in return promised the two would marry and have children, that he would reimburse her for clothing and other expenses necessary for her to accompany him as a "power couple" and that he would support her for the rest of her life. He also promised to buy her the house in Beverly Hills where Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (search) once lived or give her money to buy a similar house, the suit contends.

But after she quit her job as Delta Airlines, Johnsen said, Maher "verbally abused" her and at a party last May he became angry and shook her, causing back and neck injuries.

She left his home and ended the relationship in May, Johnsen said.