Ex-Cop Drew Peterson: Eligible Bachelor?

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Former police sergeant Drew Peterson remains a suspect in his wife's disappearance but he's still keeping up with the ladies.

Peterson, who denies any involvement in Stacy Peterson's disappearance and claims that she left him for another man, recently visited a tavern where he received attention from female patrons, according to a report.

"I turn heads," Peterson told The Herald News. "It's not something I want. It's like, 'Yeah, it's me.'"

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Women at the tavern bought him drinks and offered him their telephone numbers but it doesn't stop there.

One woman left a note on his mailbox to meet up with her sometime.

"She drove by, blowing me kisses," he said.

Joel Brodsky, Peterson's attorney, said he also gets a mixed bag of attention from his public appearances relating to his client.

"I can tell you, I think I do a pretty good job on TV," Brodsky said. "People have told me I do a pretty good job."

Stacy Peterson was reported missing on Oct. 29 after she failed to show up at a friend's house.

Stacy's family believes Drew was involved in her disappearance.

"The state police just put out a statement that Stacy did not leave of her own accord and Drew is their main suspect," said Pam Bosco, a family spokeswoman.