Dear Viewers,

Last night as the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol left the set he kidded me about going to Iowa tonight and "freezing" while he was going to be on our WARM set in DC. Not to be out teased, I pointed out to him that the very reason he was in DC on our warm set was so that we have someone in DC should a technical problem "bump" me off the air from Iowa.  We will need to have someone anchor the show. I then coyly added, "I hope you are prepared to do the segments on Michael Jackson's arraignment." He laughed at the thought of anchoring the Jackson segments...frankly, he would do a great job and it would be fascinating to watch. I love watching -- listening to --  people discuss topics with which I don't ordinarily associate them.  Every night during commercial breaks when guests sit down to discuss Iraq etc -- especially the Generals -- the guests DO talk about Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson etc. Everyone has a comment about the high profile criminal investigations. Investigations are, afterall, simply commonsense and following the clues.  I am always tempted to say, "before we discuss the new medicare bill, Senator, what do you think about the fact no blood was found in the home of Laci and Scott Peterson? And what about the fact Peterson places himself near the location the bodies are found four months after Laci vanishes?"

It would probably be my last show as an anchor...

And for those of you who wondered why last night Linda Deutsch of the AP could not hear my first question and we could not see her off the top when I introduced her, this is why: right before Linda was to be a guest, FNC's Trace Gallagher reported from the same place: same camera, same earpiece. It was expected that Trace and Linda could "switch out" while I was saying good bye to Trace. Well...I guess I had a fast good bye....next time I intend to take it slower...


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