This whole PETA blaming corporate America for a chimp going on a rampage thing, just capped the victim thing for me this week.

Everyone, everything is a victim now. You notice that? You ever think about that?

The chimp did what he did because evil companies used him in commercials years ago.

The homeowner, who's in a bind with a mortgage because a duplicitous lender forced him, forced him into that mortgage.

The obese guy who's fat because McDonald’s shoved those Double Quarter Pounders down his throat. I guess it shouldn't surprise me.

Why pause and reflect when we can just point and blame? Easier, I suppose, to look at a lawsuit than a mirror.

For a fat guy to target the maker of the food he engulfs than himself for engulfing it.

Or the homeowner to acknowledge he signed those mortgage papers. Maybe he should have read those mortgage papers.

Just like maybe a chimp goes nuts not because it was cooped up in a Pepsi ad a decade ago, but in a woman's house for a decade since.

Now I know chimps don't make choices. But we do.

And I know people say chimps aren't smart enough to take responsibility. So someone must.

I do know humans are smart enough to take responsibility. And all of us should for signing onto mortgages we knew were too much. And eating food we knew was too fattening.

Perhaps lenders made it too easy. And fast food companies did make it too convenient.

But no one forced us into our homes or dragged us into those golden arches. We did. We do.

You know, John Kennedy was right. Life is unfair. All the more when you blame somebody else because it is, and demand they pay up because you won't.

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