Quite a few of our viewers have written in to complain that I put too many nut jobs on the air.

In particular...

1. The guy who thinks the moon walks by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were fakes

2. The reporter who's raising questions about a missing three minutes from Flight 93's cockpit recorder, and implying that perhaps the doomed flight was shot down by U.S. warplanes before it could reach its target — the U.S. Capitol

It's clear that some of you are unclear about what I think, so here it is:

I think the moon walk doubter is either a nut, or just wrong, or both. He accuses us of being gullible for believing men walked on the moon, but it is the height of gullibility to believe that the National Enquirer can get every celebrity's chauffer to talk, but can't get even one of the thousands of NASA employees who worked on the moon shots to admit they were faked.

As for the reporter inquiring about what happened on Flight 93, and why three minutes of tape from the cockpit voice recorder are missing...

The conspiracy theorists would like for there to be a viable theory, that Flight 93 was shot down by U.S. fighters. Good luck, but it seems doubtful.

And for the record, the explanation of the mysterious white plane circling Shanksville after the crash is that of a corporate jet the FAA sent in to look at the crash site.

Here's a promise from me: from now on... no more than one conspiracy theory story on any one show. I'm tired of you guys thinking I believe all this stuff.

That's My Word.

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