Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Where's the Beef?

Even the Associated Press was not sold on the substance of Barack Obama's Democratic presidential nomination acceptance speech. AP writer Charles Babington's opinion piece was headlined, "Obama Spares Details, Keeps Up Attacks."

Babington wrote, "Instead of dwelling on specifics, he laced the crowning speech of his long campaign with the type of rhetorical flourishes that Republicans mock."

Babington also wrote that Obama appeared confident in continuing his campaign formula of linking John McCain to President Bush. And although Babington wrote that no candidate can outline every initiative in a 35 minute speech, he said that Obama touched on major issues quickly and lightly.

Fair & Balanced?

Several members of the media were spotted cheering and clapping for Obama during the speech. The Hill newspaper online reports dozens of men and women wearing green media floor passes were seen standing around the stage area at Invesco Field "chanting along with the crowd."

The report said that two members of the foreign press even snapped each other's photos while wearing a Barack Obama hat and waving a flag. And several members of the press were also seen screaming during some of Obama's biggest applause lines.

Green Speak

The Democratic Party said it was making a massive push to make its convention the most environmentally-friendly ever. But CNet News reports the reality was quite different. It says party VIPs and many celebrities who attended told the drivers of their non-green towncars and super-sized SUVs to idle in the Pepsi Center's pickup area with engines running and the air-conditioning on.

The plan to offer a "lean n' green" menu was undercut by the fried mini-donuts that were prominently on sale inside the Pepsi Center. And, green-friendly bicycles were not permitted inside the convention's security area, leading to the use of gasoline-powered vehicles.

Valued Voice?

Apparently admitting to adultery has not hurt John Edwards' market value. Edwards is scheduled to emerge from seclusion soon and return to the public speaking circuit. And, he is now charging a larger fee than ever before.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports the former vice presidential candidate will speak to a student organization at the University of Illinois October 14. His price — $65,000. That's $10,000 more than his pre-adultery rate.

A university spokeswoman says the student group did give the former North Carolina senator the opportunity to back out of the engagement in light of his extramarital embarassments. But the speech is still scheduled to be delivered, focusing on "the American dream."

FOX News Channel's Zachary Kenworthy contributed to this report.