Even in the Midst of Mideast Turmoil, FOX News Reporters Get the Job Done

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Dear Friends of “FOX & Friends,”

We hope you had a great weekend and now we're standing by ready to bring you the breaking news of the week. Our show is FOX News' first live program of the day and we're able to bring you the first word of all the developments in Lebanon and Israel.

Today, Monday, we discovered as we went on the air that Secretary of State Condi Rice called an audible and detoured to Beirut, instead of starting in Israel.

Also, Mike Tobin brought us new information about how an Israeli Apache attack helicopter went down near his location. The two pilots were killed and the Israeli Defense Forces say that it was a mechanical problem. But as Mike reported, Hezbollah was saying that they'd shot it out of the sky.

Actually Mike was so close to a pitched battle between the Israelis and Hezbollah insurgents that we heard the IDF instruct him to move his television truck, just as the shot went black. A few minutes later, David Lee Miller, who was at another location, had to don his helmet because the incoming rocket fire was so close.

Last week, in the seconds before we went to Mike Tobin's live report from a town six miles from the border, an incoming rocket landed in the next block. He was at the scene before the police and the ambulances and we saw how Israel reacts to rockets in real time.

So today's blog really is a fan letter from me to our anchors and reporters who are over there, bringing the best coverage on television to your living rooms: Shep, Hemmer, Mike Tobin, David Lee, Amy Kellogg, Greg Palkot, James Rosen, Greg Rosen, Rick Leventhal, Dana Lewis, Jeff Goldblatt and all of their producers, technicans and support team. They're all great storytellers, doing an extraordinary job under very scary circumstances.

Please check out some of their blogs to read firsthand what they're dealing with and take a look at some of the behind the scenes photos that you don't see on their broadcasts, but that will give you a great idea of how hard it is to do what they make look easy.

Thanks again for watching, and we'll see you in the morning.

Steve Doocy

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