Eva Mendes Opens Up About Her Favorite Thing to Do in Bed, How Women Can Inject More Personal Pleasure Into Their Lives & Why Pleasure Equals Pain | Miley Cyrus: Could She Be the Next to 'Go Naked?' | Twilight Signs On A Star Prettier Than Rob Pattinson

Eva Mendes Opens Up About Her Favorite Thing to Do in Bed, How Women Can Inject More Personal Pleasure Into Their Lives & Why Pleasure Equals Pain

Eva Mendes is one of the world’s sexiest starlets, so when it comes to the privacy of her own bedroom what is the actress’ ultimate indulgence?

"I have so many guilty pleasures! One of them is to eat in bed while watching television. It sounds kind of gross, but I absolutely love it," Mendes told us. "I love to watch my favorite program with my food on a tray on my lap. I’ve learned however, that eating Indian may not be such a good thing to have in the bedroom. I’ve made that mistake before, so never again! But I am a huge snacker so you’ll always find me indulging in something."

It comes as no surprise then that Mendes was recently named Magnum’s Global Pleasure Ambassador and spent last week in Istanbul to launch the world’s largest survey on pleasure. Never before have scientists delved into the science behind what causes pleasure, how to get more of it and triggers it — so the sultry starlet was on hand to add a stroke of sexiness to the scientific summit. The poll, aimed at discovering the human pleasure quotient (through a uniquely prepared test titled the "PQ" test), will survey 100,000 people all over the world and results will be released in a few months. So why does Miss Mendes think she was chosen for the gratifying gig?

"I love chocolate! I like chocolate like no-one else and I love indulging. In fact, I am all about pleasure. I am the girl who will get three massages a week — that’s my luxury and that’s where I spend most of my money," she admitted. "I’m not a big shopper, but I love facials and spas and everything indulgent when it comes to the body and pampering. I am a girly girl at heart."

Argh, all that chocolate and she still has a bangin’ body. …

"Oh no! Don’t hate me because seriously, I work out almost everyday — at least five days a week," Mendes quipped. "I put in a lot of time at the gym to ensure that I am able to indulge at other times. Pleasure is pain."

Well, sometimes.

But the "Hitch" hottie also offered a wealth of wisdom for women who also want to squeeze some more self-indulgence into their hectic lives.

"I think as women, we’re sometimes told not to ask for certain things, or to constantly put others before ourselves. These are nice characteristics but I think that women should learn to ask for what they want in all areas of their lives more than they currently do," she explained. "I want to encourage the world to inject more pleasure into their lives and I think especially at this time in the world where it’s all doom and gloom it’s a fantastic time to talk about pleasure and work out how to get more pleasure into our lives."

And although the 35-year-old starlet has been with her man, producer George Gargurevich, for seven years is there still a tiny bit of hope for the millions of men out there that wouldn’t mind getting to know the glamour gal a little better?

"I think sometimes society can put pressure on women to married at a certain age and to have kids at a certain age, but I think one of the great things about being a true individual is not listening to societal pressures and just to do what you want and not to be afraid to go on your own train," Mendes added. "Children and marriage is just something that hasn’t interested me."

That might be just as well seeing as though the Hollywood hottie is still causing a ruckus. Her risqué Calvin Klein ads (which featured her naked in bed) were banned from U.S airwaves last year.

"I don’t know why (it caused such a fuss) though. I thought it would be really fantastic and I was so proud to be the face of Calvin Klein and to be a part of their legacy. I think it was just way too much for the American public," Mendes said with a smile.

So while it’s that smile that brings a smile too so many others (hence why she was recently named "Most Desirable" by Askmen.com) the actress/ambassador said being recognized for talent instead of appearance would actually give her far more personal pleasure.

It’s very cute and sweet but truthfully, I’d rather be nominated for an Oscar than to be voted number one in the looks department," she added.

Miley Cyrus: Could She Be the Next to 'Go Naked?'

Tennessee-native Miley Cyrus has a strong passion for animals and felt so sorry for one of the wrangler’s live chickens on the set of her new flick "Hannah Montana: The Movie" that she actually stole it to take home as a pet.

"Miley picked it up thought it was real cute and decided she needed to save this chicken. So she put it in a cardboard box with some pine straw and got her mom to take it home," co-star Jason Earles told Tarts. "She is funny with animals — she was like ‘I have to have that chicken’. She falls in love like you wouldn’t believe."

The sweet 16-year-old admitted she actually stole "a few" chickens but it was because "they were sad to be working."


So seeing as how the Disney darling is turning 18 next year, she may very well be on PETA’s hot list as the next celeb to "Go Naked"… Stay tuned.

But with the highly-anticipated release of "Hannah Montana," is Miss Cyrus in any way afraid that it could kinda be a flop like what happened to the recent Jonas Brothers' 3D film?

"I think there are reasons everything happens and there is no reason to blame it purely on the economy," she said. "If it’s a good movie, if it's a great movie then people will find a way to see it and find a way to relate to it and get you out there. But there is nothing to worry about, that's why as an actor you get into it and all you have to worry about is that role. You let other people take care of that and think about that kind of stuff."

Twilight Signs on a Star Prettier Than Rob Pattinson

You thought that was impossible, right? Well, Pop Tarts has confirmed that 25-year-old fashion model Noot Seear has just signed a very appetizing deal to appear in the next three "Twilight" installments.

Seear will play the vixen vampire Heidi who uses her stunning looks to lure humans back to the Volturi (the Vampire royalty) in order to make their feeding as easy as possible. …

The three-part film deal is obviously a huge deal for a gal who has never really acted before despite a few cameos here and there, although being in front of the camera shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for the Canadian-born beauty, who is signed to ONE management. The stunner books US Vogue almost every issue and has roamed the runways for designers such as Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney and Lagerfeld.

Pop Tarts' Samantha Brett contributed to this report.