Eva Longoria "Shocked" by Americans' Attitude Toward Immigrants, Supports Obama's Health Care Reform

Celebrity hair guru Ken Paves received the ultimate honor at PADRES CONTRA EL CANCER’S 9th Annual Fund Raising Gala in Hollywood last week for his contribution to the cancer community. There was just one problem, he bagged the event and decided instead to hit up Brazil with his BFF Jessica Simpson and accepted the award via video.

A rep for Paves said "Ken was in Brazil filming his new reality show with Jessica Simpson, 'The Price of Beauty.' In this show they are going around the world and learning how each culture defines beauty. It is going to be a real hit!"

Paves did, however, offer to donate wigs from his line to the children in need in his video speech.

But the foundation's national spokesperson, Eva Longoria, managed to attend, and she talked to Tarts about why she is "shocked" by America's attitude to immigration.

PHOTOS: Eva Longoria wows with outfits at the ALMA Awards.

"The immigration issue is interesting because historically everyone has immigrated, this is a country of immigrants," Longira said. "So it kind of shocks me that people have such a vile reaction to immigrants when they provide a huge amount of services to our country, and particularly in agriculture."

Longoria said she "would really love to see immigration reform obviously transpire, but in a way that is obviously fair to people in the country." But she said health care is more important right now. "One topic at a time, [Obama] can tackle the health care issue, and I completely support him on what he is doing currently, with his options that he wants to provide, and ... how he wants to fund it."

Exclusive: Does Lydia Hearst "Get Around"?

Lydia Hearst is no 'Cry Baby' about being labeled the East Coast's answer to Paris Hilton.

"People think I'm a girl about town, but I'm not even from New York, I don't go out at all at night, but when I look at my computer, I often read that I was out partying like crazy," Hearst told Tarts on Friday while launching Marc Bouwer's Spring 2010 at a sound studio in Manhattan. "Hmm, I wonder if I had fun?! I'm actually in bed before 10pm almost every night."

Surely Hearst knew what she was getting herself into by getting into showbiz. "Ever since my mom [Patty Hearst] did 'Cry Baby,' I knew wanted to be in the entertainment industry," Hearst said. "Mom said never take anything for granted, you have to live for today not tomorrow, otherwise you miss out on every opportunity. There is always someone newer and younger to take your place."

Instead of a traditional runway, Bouwer showed his collection by filming a mini virtual movie of his muse, Hearst, in which she starts in a dream sequence in the mirror admiring herself before hitting the catwalk in a multitude of red, white and blue.

"Seeing myself is still so surreal," Hearst gushed while getting her hair and makeup done. "I love what I do, and its part of myself, but I take on a different personality when I work."

Yet when the waif-like beauty, who said she is still the same height/weight as she was in high school, isn't busy gracing magazine covers or acting (she's off to Budapest in November to shoot an unannounced feature film in which she's "the only one who lives"), she's engaging in a surprising guilty pleasure.

"I love bowling, I bowl a lot," Hearst said.

Kara Dioguardi Defends Ellen DeGeneres’s "Music" Knowledge

The recent news that Ellen DeGeneres will be taking Paula Abdul's spot as the fourth "American Idol" judge has been met with mixed reviews given that she's not a music "expert," but Kara Dioguardi assured Tarts that it isn't even an issue.

"Ellen is someone who loves music, loves the show and she's a star. She can tell these kids what that means and how important it is. It is not just about singing, it is about sitting on stage and commanding an audience," Dioguardi said at Sunday's MTV VMAs. "At the end of the day she is a powerful force and I am sure she is going to be able to tell these kids something they can use on their journey."

So is it likely she'll butt heads with Simon Cowell?

"They are both strong personalities and will fight for what they believe in," Dioguardi said, also saying that she hasn't reached out to Abdul since the Ellen news broke but insisted she is "doing great."