Eva La Rue has a pretty bangin’ bikini body herself, but when it comes to comparing other stars, it seems the "CSI Miami" starl thinks Brad Pitt should have stuck to his first wife - at least when it comes to aesthetics.

"Angelina hasn’t really been out in a swimsuit, but back in the day she was hot, hot, hot," LaRue told Tarts at last week’s Lupus LA Orange Ball. "But I’m going to go with Jen (Aniston) because I’ve seen more pictures of her in a swimsuit recently and she looks just great."

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Regarding her own sleek physique, LaRue has established a whole new set of bikini body rules.

"It used to be all pilates and yoga, unitl last year when I started doing a lot more cardio and weights because I started to feel like I was losing muscle mass," she said. "I started to feel like it was helping me to keep the weight off and it jump started my metabolism, because once you hit 40 you gotta do everything you can!"

"What I also do now is portion control," she added. "From the time I was little, I ate everything on my plate, and as you get older, it just becomes an issue. It was a big thing for me to conquer, and it made life so much easier because I felt like I could still have that taste of it, if I was having a craving for it, but I don’t have to eat the whole damn thing!"