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The Reviews Are In

If you've been following the domestic media coverage of the president's European trip, you've undoubtedly heard the glowing reviews. The mainstream media is cooing about the president's charm, the first lady's sleek fashion and how quickly those alliances President Bush damaged have been miraculously repaired.

But that's only half the story. The European press isn't quite as impressed.

Iain Martin, writing in the London Telegraph, complained that Obama droned on and on and on, writing, "Isn't it time for him to go home yet? His long stay means that we are hearing rather a lot from him, way too much in fact. I'll wager that within a year or so he'll be marked down as a windbag."

In Germany, the reception was equally chilly. A newspaper in Frankfurt, Germany, wrote, "Obama presented himself as a 'new kid on the block'... as a newbie who still had a lot to learn."

Another German newspaper echoed the sentiment, saying, "Obama's words have a certain degree of humility to them and sometimes even a slight meekness... Obama is not trying to make himself look like an important global leader but instead is taking pains to speak in a clear and direct manner so as to avoid problems."

Well, aren't you grateful cowboy diplomacy has been replaced by meekness? Definitely the change we've been waiting for.

Playing Politics

Welcome to this evening's edition of "60 Minutes" in 60 Seconds, where we'll pack all the bias of last weekend's edition of "60 Minutes" into 60 seconds for your viewing pleasure.

As Barack Obama is ramping up his campaign for universal health care, the folks at "60 Minutes" did the president's legwork this weekend, rallying public opinion by discovering some glaring problems in the nation's health care system. Great timing, what a coincidence!


SCOTT PELLY, "60 MINUTES": The economic crisis, public hospitals are needed now more than ever. If you're down on your luck without insurance, the county hospital can be your last resort.

Since December 31, no chemotherapy for new outpatients. Patients who got the letter like Helen Sharp who we met in the beginning were sent a list of private chemotherapy centers which leaves them in essence begging for care.

HELEN SHARP, LYMPHOMA PATIENT: I'm trying to see whether I'm going to die or not.

KATHY SILVER, CEO, UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER: Well, I'm sad because I know there is room to serve patients, and yet financially we can't afford to.

PELLY: You have the facility.

SILVER: We do.

PELLY: To save lives. You have people outside the hospital who need to have their lives saved, and you just can't put 2 and 2 together.

Is what's happening to this hospital in Las Vegas unique or is this kind of thing happening all about the country?

SILVER: I think this is happening to some degree to probably every public hospital across the country.


And there you have it, "60 Minutes"' case for nationalized health care, all in the guise of objective journalism.

'Banditos' Ban

During an immigration hearing last week, Illinois Democrat Luis Gutierrez seemed to go out of his way to advocate for illegal immigrants here in the U.S.

One of the witnesses at the hearing was Ray Tranchant, whose daughter and her best friend were killed when an illegal immigrant slammed into their car at a speed of 70 miles per hour. His blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. Alfred Ramos had been arrested twice before, but remained in the U.S.


RAY TRANCHANT, DAUGHTER KILLED BY ILLEGAL ALIEN: Instead of being deported to his home country he stayed on the streets of Virginia Beach to drink, drive, and subsequently kill these two beautiful girls in a way that displayed a wanton disrespect for the laws of our land.


In his testimony, Mr. Tranchant called illegals with criminal records "banditos." This drew the ire of Congressman Gutierrez who said, "What I have seen, unfortunately, is the will to target and to victimize and to scapegoat a community of people... it makes for great political points but it doesn't solve the problem and would not have saved your daughter's life."

This coming from the guy who just last year referred to law enforcement officers at the Department of Homeland Security as "the Gestapo agents."

Mr. Gutierrez, the victims in all of this are not illegal aliens. The victims are young girls like Tessa and her best friend Allison.

Obama's French Kiss

On their maiden voyage across the Atlantic, the Obamas have been receiving a crash course on diplomatic etiquette. It was Michelle Obama who first made headlines when she hugged the queen during their meeting, a move considered by royal watchers as major breach of protocol.

Upon their arrival in France, it was President Obama's turn when he had to be encouraged by President Sarkozy to take part in one of that country's favorite pastimes: the French kiss.

A reluctant President Obama was urged by the French president to kiss a fan in the crowd. Mr. Sarkozy reportedly prodded the president, asking him, "What? You're not going to give her a kiss?" President Obama then gestured over his shoulder towards the Secret Service in an attempt to blame his lack of enthusiasm on their watchful eye.

Although the Obamas' European vacation has come to an end they have since traveled on to Turkey and we'll be sure to keep an eye on them there as well.

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