Entitled in America: Mister Rodgers to Blame?

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Our last show in Studio B was relatively fun, yet full of substance. Sure, we missed Gretchen, but as they say, the program must go on and we certainly had a nice variety.

Closing with Bucky Covington of "America Idol" fame was great, especially when he shared his story of losing his entire luggage and having to wear "I Love NY" T-shirts and unwashed jeans to the set.

Although I have been here 10 years — and Steve 20 — it was the first time according to "Friends" historians that we ever had a Talking Point on Fred Rogers. The kids show host who passed away is being blamed for making our kids weak and intolerant of turmoil — breeding a feeling of entitlement with America’s youth-turned adults. You remember how he used to say "We are all special"? Well, the theory is that we have to earn that special status through hard work. Therefore, when they finally realize "there's no such thing as a free lunch," this generation does not know how to adjust and, in many cases, apply themselves. What do you think? Well, I kind of agree with the study and, judging by your e-mails, I am in the minority.

It was good to talk politics today again, but kind of strange to weave in the Roswell mystery. In fact our 8:30 guest will only endorse a candidate that believes that aliens — or what he calls humanoids — walk the planet. This is good news for Bill Richardson, because they seem to think that's what he believes. As for me, I am not sure and even if they did, would our immigration laws allow them to vote? Probably not. I think the Founding Fathers insisted off the record, that all voters be from the Milky Way Galaxy.

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