So right now Obama supporters are say that the election has become less about issues, and more about personalities.

This is hilarious, given that the latest Obama attack ad paints John McCain as a dithering, odd-smelling coot who won't use e-mail, still uses a land line and thinks the Samoan maid steals from him.

But come on, the Obama campaign has never been about issues, its been a cult of personality — the personality being Obama, the cult being his followers, with Chris Matthews as a less stable version of David Koresh. It's only since Palin entered the scene that the Dems have started screaming about issues which have been there all along, and it's the same ones that have always been around: Taxes, war, security, unicorns.

But the fact is, on these issues, Obama is not a reformer, he's as conventional as a bloated, butt-pinching bureaucrat without the bloating or butt pinching. Worse, the scariest issue is staring right at him — it's called terror — but he's lost in the rhetoric of root causes.

And, as for being Internet savvy, I'd rather have a president who talks tough, instead of some dude known for snarky emails. I don't want my president Googling his name or leaving anonymous comments on TMZ. Our country is already turning into a nation of 12-year-old girls looking for popular kids to sign their yearbook, except those yearbooks are now blogs, and those blogs don't even have hot pictures of cheerleaders with eating disorders, which sucks.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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