If there is a dirty core of the terrorist movement in Iraq, it is Fallujah (search), known by coalition soldiers as "the bomb factory." That’s where the mutilation of U.S. contractors in March led to a full-scale assault by U.S. and coalition forces.

U.S. Marines say they were just two days away from a clean sweep of the city’s terror cells. But a decision was made in Baghdad to try negotiation with the same terrorists who had hung bodies from lampposts and had begun sawing the heads off of innocent contractors. Coalition forces were pulled back and a hodgepodge of terrorists quickly took over and installed a Taliban-like rule by terror.

But if the Marines were stopped from exacting revenge, the townspeople apparently aren’t. Many residents have had enough of foreign terrorists, and are beginning to turn on them. Just last week, Abu Abdallah Suri, a Syrian deputy of Abu al-Zarqawi (search), was killed in Fallujah. According to the Washington Post: "He was shot in the head and chest while being chased by a carload of tribesmen, according to a security guard who said he witnessed the killing."

Such lynchings are becoming more common in Fallujah, where one local told the Post: "We were deceived by them. We welcomed them first because we thought they came to support us, but now everything is clear."

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