It's always fun listening to people who say you must adhere to moral limits, when you're fighting an enemy who has none.

Our enemy — who behead the innocent, fling acid into faces of children and fly planes into buildings — must relish our endless opera of handwringing, for they know a worried adversary is a weakened one.

Let's get this straight: Implementing enhanced interrogation techniques is not immoral. What's immoral is not doing everything possible to prevent an enemy from killing the people you love. That one rule overrules everything; making the actions you take toward that enemy supremely moral — whether the acts involve waterboarding, sleep deprivation, playing loud music or watching David Shuster.

The idea that waterboarding is evil really stems from certain folks feeling awkward when asked about it at SoCal cocktail parties. And that's the truly immoral element in this ridiculous debate: If saving face means more than saving lives, then we're totally screwed.

I'd rather live in a country that's despised for waterboarding, than in a well-liked one with craters for cities. The desire for popularity is really at the heart of this and it's a far worse moral crime than anything done with a rag and bucket of water.

And that includes the trick I do at bachelorette parties.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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