EMT Admits Incompetence After Refusing to Help Patient During His Break

A paramedic in Britain who refused to drive a patient with a broken back to the hospital because he had just started a 30-minute lunch break appeared at a conduct and competence hearing of the Health Professions Council Thursday, the Daily Mail reported.

Robert Chambers, the paramedic who was refueling his ambulance when a friend of the patient asked for assistance, allegedly told the man that he would have to wait for another ambulance before getting back into his vehicle and driving off, the Daily Mail reported.

A transcript of a conversation between Chambers and the control center was read out during the hearing, according to the Daily Mail.

"I know you're off the road at the moment but it looks like you're there -- I thought I would let you know in case you were approached," the operator said.

According to the transcript the EMT responded: "I believe it's a gentleman who has hurt his back -- I explained there's probably an ambulance on its way."

A second ambulance did arrive at the scene some time later but did not have the proper equipment necessary to treat a suspected back injury, nor the space to transport the man to the hospital, the Daily Mail reported. It took another 40 minutes for a third ambulance to arrive on the scene.

Chambers admitted to lack of competence for refusing to help the patient, but denied misconduct.

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