This year’s Emmy’s were nothing to write home about. From the humorless opening act (Heidi Klum can’t deliver a joke), to the Hollywood obsession of making a political statement during an acceptance speech, this year’s show was pretty lame.

But let’s be honest, we don’t watch it for the awards! We watch for the clothes! I always look forward to my personal "love it or hate it" session on the couch. But this year, I have a few points of contention with TV’s most glamorous night. The only pro was that Joan and Melissa dropped off the face of the red carpet (probably holding some plastic surgeon hostage), so that’s a relief.

First of all, I found myself contemplating starvation every time an actress walked on stage (at the same time of course, I was finishing my second slice). Teri Hatcher needs a sandwhich. I know I'm not the first person to ever have said this, but seriously, give that woman some food! On the other hand, I thought Eva Longoria (pregnant or not) looked gorgeous! And Tina Fey too looked fabulous— she's not emaciated but fit, not flawless but lovely. And she's funny which makes everyone a little more attractive!

Secondly, I'd like once and for all for someone to explain to me why anyone thinks botox is ok (feel free to e-mail me). When did paralyzing your face so it doesn't move become so appealing? (Again no epiphany here, but I'm on a roll). We all know Mary Steenbergen is not 30 and it is utterly impossible for Marcia Cross' face to perpetually remain in that same expression. Seriously ladies, a wrinkle or two is ok!

Finally, a criticism of all the critics out there. I keep hearing fashion editors complain about how actresses are playing it safe, sticking to high-end designers, pretty silhouettes and beautiful colors instead of taking chances and trying something different. These editors cheer Cher and Lara Flynn Boyle, known for their carpet crisis'. "They're bold and daring" they say. Are you kidding me? I applaud the fact that actresses, fearful of ending up on the worst dressed list, choose to look glamorous and elegant instead of calling attention to themselves with Bjork like costumes (botox not included). Stick to what works ladies!

Now for my faves. Personally, when I dress for an event I go one of two ways: simple and elegant wearing soft jewelry and a simple silhouette in white or black. Or I go for something bright and beautiful opting for jewel-toned colors like plum, red and emerald and basic bling, like a diamond choker or cuff. As far as I'm concerned no one pulled off simple and elegant quite like Rose Byrne in Calvin Klein (the king of simplicity). This quilted satin dress was stunning, and the Australian Damages star pulled off the vintage style beautifully. Her Fred Leighton diamond ropes were to die for (and a perfect holiday gift for me if anyone's interested). As for bright and bold, my vote goes to Nicolette Sheridan. I'm not usually a fan of this Desperate Housewive's style, but this Emmy ceremony she won my award for best dressed! Her pleated Angel Sanchez gown was gorgeous, the color perfect for fall, and her diamond necklace from Avakian amazing!

One final note for all the actresses reading this article- memorize who you are wearing. We know you can do it! You're forced to remember lines all of the time. It's definitely a Style Guide no-no to have to refer to a list in your purse. We also really only care about your dress and maybe your jewelry. It's not necessary to tell us who designed your shoes, stockings, underwear and pjs you plan to wear when you get home.

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