Eminem, The Wayans Brothers and Madonna in the overexposed glow of The Foxlight.

The Eminem movie is set to begin filming in about a month in Detroit. The Detroit Free Press reports that the film, now called Untitled Detroit Project, will begin production in September. The story is loosely based on Eminem's experiences growing up around Detroit.  Eminem will star -  but will his real mother play herself? Or will she be turned down and sue - and will that be in the movie?

Talk about a real scary movie. Marlon Wayans says the Wayans brothers' next movie will be in "whiteface." "Shawn's writing Boy Band, about a struggling rock 'n' roll group that sucks. We infiltrate it in white makeup and turn it into one of those cute white-boy bands. As for all the hours we'll have to spend in makeup, we don't care as long as it's funny."

Madonna's in trouble - MTV is mad at her for selling one of their "coveted" music awards in an auction. One thing's clear, though - her husband didn't use the cash to tip a Manhattan waitress. Guy stayed rich by leaving a paltry seven bucks on a $100 check.