Embattled Reverend Takes Shot at Hannity

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ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: We're just 85 days away from election day and a controversial voice from Obama's past, preacher problems is back. Father Pfleger making headlines again, this time for targeting little old Sean Hannity. Now, take a listen to what he said at a conference for black journalists.

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FATHER MICHAEL PFLEGER, ST. SABINA'S CHURCH: I'm amazed that Sean Hannity who has - I don't know if he has any journalistic background is shaping media direction in this country. If he had the money out there and do what they're doing and so everybody else is responding, so ABC and NBC and CBS and CNN are following Sean Hannity?


COLMES: The Chicago priest is best known for the disparaging comments he made about Hillary Clinton back in May.


PFLEGER: Hillary was crying, and people said that was put on. I really don't believe it was put on. I really believe that she just always thought this is mine. And then out of nowhere came hey, I'm Barack Obama, and she said oh, damn, where did you come from? I'm white! I'm entitled!


COLMES: Joining us now, the author of "Fleeced" Dick Morris. By the way, before we get to you Dick, you know, if you are on the media every night, you're shaping the public debate.

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Well, my media - I've been on the air for 22 years right now of my life, but I have a word for you, Father -

DICK MORRIS, "FLEECED": And he looks 24.

HANNITY: Exactly. Father Pfleger come on the program. And you know something, Father Pfleger, you're the one that's friends with that racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. You're the one that's friends with Reverend Wright, and you're the one that takes a shot. Come on the show.

COLMES: But first of all, you can be friends with somebody. So what? That doesn't mean anybody represents you -

HANNITY: What - friends with a racist and an anti-Semite Farrakhan.

COLMES: Well, friends are friends with lots of people but the fact of the matter is if you're on the media every night, you're shaping the national debate. Thought you and I do that.

MORRIS: I think Sean owes him some money. He got up there and he said that you're shaping the national debate, that the networks follow you, that the mainstream media - I think you owe - you send the man a check.

COLMES: Let's talk about - I want to talk to you Dick, with you about something that was said earlier in the show, about whether or not had we known about John Edwards earlier would that have affected Hillary's well being -

MORRIS: Right.

COLMES: . in the presidential contest.

MORRIS: Well, I don't mean to disagree with your esteemed Fox News contributor such as Karl Rove and Howard Wolfson, but the exit polling in Iowa asked Edwards' voters as they left the polls, who would you have voted for if Edwards weren't running, and by slightly less than two to one, they said Obama. Now, it is true that by the end of the campaign when Edwards was going on fumes, most of the votes he was taking were anti-Obama votes, but in Iowa, which is what Howard spoke about, the exit polls showed that analysis is not true.

COLMES: By the way, Pfleger took a shot at your old friend there, Hillary Clinton. As we saw in that, you know, even you would have to admit that was not a fair shot.

MORRIS: Well, I do think he correctly identified her sense of entitlement. I just want to say one word about Georgia if I can because it's so important. This is absolutely crucial that this freedom-loving country not be ground under by the Russian tanks, and my feeling about this is that what the United States should do is that they should go to Putin and say look, if you can't be trusted not to run over and destroy your neighbors and invade all the former satellite states you had, then we're going to have to put them in NATO, and we have to begin with the Ukraine.

So if you pull out of Georgia, that's a statement that you can be trusted and are responsible, and we won't put Ukraine in NATO, but if you stay in Georgia we have to put Ukraine in NATO tomorrow.

COLMES: And how would Russia react to that.

MORRIS: Russia would be scared to death about the Ukraine in NATO. It's the one thing in the world their most anxious to prevent because they see Ukraine as potentially crucial to their sphere of influence. Remember Russia only has 140 million people. Now, Ukraine has 50 million. It's a huge thing that they need.

HANNITY: But part of this all started back in April when NATO signaled they would allow Georgia into NATO.

MORRIS: Well, they also said that they would not let it stay on a NATO path, they suspended it, and that probably gave the Russians the same signal Dean Acheson gave the North Koreans when he said we wouldn't defend —

HANNITY: But there's also an oil component into all of these, and that is there's a what, a million barrels of oil a day going from Georgia to Turkey, and the Russians were targeting those pipelines.

MORRIS: That's right and it goes - the pipelines go through Georgia. But the key thing here is your number one foreign policy goal has got to be to keep the Ukraine and Russia separate because that's the key to this thing.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this, you've talked in the past during the Clinton years about the secret polices, what you described, and there was a piece in the "New York Times", there's this guy led by Tom Netezi, you know who he is, long-time political operative. "We want to stop the swift voting before it gets off the ground," and he says his effort is he's going for the jugular. What they're going to do is sending a warning letter to all top republican donors telling them that in fact if they support these 527's or these outside groups, that they'll target them legally, they'll publicly expose them, they'll be watchdog groups digging through their private lives. Now this sounds like what the former Soviet Union?

MORRIS: It sounds just like what Larry Flynt did to cover Clinton during the impeachment. Remember, he maybe in liaison with Carville, we don't know. He had private detectives going after Henry Hyde and a whole bunch of other people, and now what they're planning to do is to try to do it to donors.

HANNITY: Well, do you think it would work and do you think they will actually do it?

MORRIS: I think they may well and you'll never know if they did it or not because these stuff is done sub rosa. I just want to get back to Georgia for a second. We had a real time foreign policy crisis. John McCain said this is an invasion, that this is aggression. Barack Obama said both sides should show restraint. Adopting a moral equivalency between the Russian army and this freedom-loving democracy, and that instant — now he's backtracking, now he's calling it aggression.

HANNITY: What a shock.

MORRIS: A disproportionate response. But it's the point I make in "Fleeced." In the initial reaction, Obama always sides with appeasement.

HANNITY: All right. Dick, good to see you.

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