Elvis pitches in, Puffy makes some people huffy and Eminem wants you in the bright glow of The Foxlight.

Elvis may have left the building but he's taking care of business. RCA will release a special CD with the King's version of "If I Can Dream," "America, the Beautiful" and "Amazing Grace." All proceeds will benefit the Red Cross.  Meanwhile, Elvis fan clubs worldwide are raising funds and turning them over to the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation, which sent a large donation to the Red Cross immediately after the terrorist attacks.  Thank you, thank you very much.

Puffy is getting some Asian groups huffy.  His new song, "P. Diddy," includes the line, "Got Asian women/ That'll change my linen/ After I done blazed and hit 'em." Puffy has posted an apology on his Web site, saying neither he nor his co-writers "had any intention of offending any ethnicity, particularly Asian women." C'mon, P., you had no intention of getting caught.  He has removed the line from the track.

Finally, here's an acting dream come true for Eminem fans — why not be in his new movie?  You get paid and fed — it's the law — and you can play anything from a factory worker to a "club kid."  Bring your own overalls.  Auditions for the bit parts are in Detroit this weekend.  The film — slim of plot and very shady I'm sure — is due next summer.

And that's always shady world of celebrity raps we bust out every day in the warm glow of The Foxlight.