Here's another creepy statistic for Elvis week. He's better off dead. At least for the estate. Forbes magazine says Elvis earned $37 million last year. And he tops their chart of highest earning dead celebrities.

In at second place? Good grief, it's Charles Schulz. Hardly "peanuts" at $27 million. That's a lot of five cent consultations from Lucy. In fact, most of it comes from product endorsements.

While we're being "snoopy," John Lennon's estate earned $20 million. No surprise since Yoko seems to stumble on a new lost tape every time she roots around in the attic.

Tupac Shakur also made the top 10.

And even though it's been more than 40 years, Marilyn Monroe still turns heads. Her estate pulled in $7 million last year.

Finally, back to Elvis for a moment. Wherever he is, he must be happier with Nic Cage than Michael Jackson. But does the timing of this wedding -- during Elvis week -- seem a little suspicious? I hope they're both happy. And that Cage hasn't done this, as someone pointed out, to have the ultimate piece of Elvis memorabilia.