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Yesterday on Tim Russert's Sunday interview show, Elizabeth Dole threw a hand grenade when she said the following:

When it comes to Iraq, she said, the Democrats are content with losing.

Rahm Emanuel about had a cow.

Even Russert looked angry at Dole, scowling and interrupting her so Emanuel could respond.

But here's the problem: She was right.

The Democrats have responded to Bush's criticism of their Iraq policy by saying: "Ask them what's their plan."

Kerry says withdraw the troops. But, you're right, nobody listens to him anymore.

Murtha says bring 'em home. But, you're right, he doesn't make Democrat policy.

Howard Dean says Dems aren't for cutting and running, we have to stay to fix Iraq, but we want to redeploy to somewhere nearby. That sounds to me like Dean wants U.S. troops out.

More responsible Democrats try to make it sound like they are for staying but doing something different. But what's so different?

They want to better arm and better train the Iraqis and get them to defend their own country. That's so they can pull U.S. troops and the Iraqis will be there to fill the void.

Well, guess what? That's what Bush wants and what Bush and Republicans are trying to do. Ain't so easy, unless you're a Democrat trying to make it sound like you've got a plan that's different — really different — than Bush's plan.

So are the Dems content with losing?

When I press Democrat callers on my radio show on that point, very often the response I get is: "Well, we can't win anyway."

And that, my friends, is what I think the real Democrat attitude is. We can't win anyway, so let's get out.

The ensuing mess will be unfortunate, but it will be the Republicans' fault.

Like I said, Liddy Dole was right. They are content with losing.

That's My Word.

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