Elites Balk at Political Uprising

The elites of the Republican establishment and the insider D.C. pundits have been in a snit this week about the stunning election of Christine O'Donnell in Delaware for the GOP Senate nomination. That, coupled with primary victories of Joe Miller in Alaska, Rand Paul in Kentucky, Marco Rubio in Florida — full disclosure: those are all candidates that I've personally endorsed — and Sharron Angle of Nevada has been a gut-punch to the kingmakers and movers and shakers who are used to deciding our choices and making sure that we were served from a menu of carefully pedigreed politicians who had the right connections, went to the right Ivy League schools, had the right kind of "look" and came with and from the right kind of "big" money.

The beauty of the political uprising in this country, whether you call it the Tea Party or something else, is that it's exactly what the Founders had in mind: That the people are still the bosses and can change their government when it ceases to serve and starts to enslave.

Having been on the receiving end of much of the contemptuous "who does he think he is?" attitude when I ran for office, I am thrilled to see the "we're not going take it anymore" attitude take root. It might get a bit messy at times, but necessary all the same.

I admit, I'm more catfish than caviar, more Sam's Club than country club, more church pew than box seats at the opera, more bass boat than yacht and more comfortable in Sears than Saks on 5th Avenue. But the people who work hard, pay taxes and just want a piece of the American Dream for their own families will no longer sit in the back of the political bus or stand and wait at the political lunch counters.

We've seen the kind of mess created by those who are supposed to be smarter and more experienced and have decided that we can't afford them anymore. So this election will be a reminder than you don't have to be rich or descended from royalty to exercise citizenship, vote and change the government.

As to whether some of these new people are prepared, most have had a deeper resume than our current president. And as for them going to Congress, we wouldn't do any worse if we just picked 535 names from the phone book and sent them to Washington.

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