Electric Wheelchair Users Given Road Safety Lessons After Accidents Increase

Electric wheelchair users in Norfolk, England, are being given road safety training following a series of accidents.

Drivers of electric wheelchairs, which are exempt from the country's road traffic laws, a re taught how to slalom round traffic cones and advised how to prove their reversing skills and parallel parking.

Despite the chairs having a top speed of just 6mph, drivers have been involved in serious collisions with pedestrians and other road users.

The scheme was launched by Norfolk police Tuesday after a spate of accidents.

Last year in Doncaster, England a toddler was knocked down by one of the vehicles and dragged down the road. The 70-year-old woman driving was unaware of the accident.

Chair retailers welcomed the move. Michael Lockwood of South Norfolk Mobility Center told Sky News: "It's a brilliant idea. Some of these machines can weigh more than 300 pounds and in the wrong hands can be very dangerous."

Presently in the U.K., drivers do not require a driving license to use an electric wheelchair. There is no legal requirement for insurance.

SOURCE: Sky News