Election Questions That Just Won't Quit

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Most of the world figured America had the monkey off its back... we had a presidential election and there was a clear winner.

George W. Bush was the winner. Even John Kerry (search) admitted it.

You'd think that would be enough, but no... there are forces at work trying to sow doubt and delegitimize this election and solely because of the name of the winner.

It has been clear to everyone that Bush won — except to the dead-enders and former Baathists of U.S. politics... those die-hard "anybody but Bush people" and the bloggers who just want to stir up trouble and never seem to run out of gullible readers.

Two of my colleague news anchors on other networks actually gave this non-story cable network coverage. It is unconscionable.

Look at these words from Jack Corrigan (search), a longtime Kerry aide who was in charge of 3,600 Democrat lawyers ready to challenge the election.

Corrigan was quoted in The Boston Globe saying this:

"No one would be more interested than me in finding out that we really won, but that ain't the case. I get why people are frustrated, but they (the Republicans) did not steal this election. There were a few problems here and there in the election, but unlike 2000 there is no doubt that they (the Republicans) actually got more votes than we did, and they got them in the states that mattered."

Corrigan is speaking the truth to the truth deniers.

He's being ignored by certain people because they want the idea to germinate that Bush stole this election... that he stole two in a row.

I wrote a book about hating America. I have seen what happens when a half-baked, or nonsensical idea cooked up anywhere on the planet gets revved up on the Internet.

I guarantee it will be a matter of days, if not hours, before Al Jazeera (search) is repeating the assertions of my desperate cable colleagues. Then some dimwit French author will write a book, and it will sell a few million in Arabic.

Then some Marine colonel will lead his men into the next Fallujah and find the damn book in a jihadi terrorist decapitation dungeon — inspirational reading before sawing off someone's head.

This is how stupid ideas get people killed.

That's My Word.

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