The head of a new federal voting commission suggested to congressional leaders Monday that there should be a process for canceling or rescheduling an election interrupted by terrorism, but national security adviser Condoleezza Rice (search) said no such plan is being considered by the administration.

Federal officials warned last week that intelligence indicates Al Qaeda (search) wants to attack the United States to disrupt the upcoming elections.

Election Delay: Fantastic Idea or Flop?

A sample of your responses:

Election Day and Inauguration Day are prescribed in our Constitution.
Delaying them, for any reason, would be a violation of the Constitution.
We held elections during the Civil War immediately after the defeat at
Cold Harbor.  There is no reason to delay elections.  If we allow it once, we set a precedent that, as a freedom-loving American, I don't much like.  I'm a Republican, and I believe the only reason to delay elections is to ensure the Incumbent wins.
Fred M.
Torrington, CT

Having a plan in case of emergency would be all right, but nothing will stop me from voting. I do not believe in caving in to these people; it is too important to our freedom.
Chicago, IL

Another ploy by the Bush team to steal the election.  Why do they have so much trouble with democracy?  Because they are a fascist government? Are they that afraid of the general public having a voice?
Toni K.
Naples, FL

Our focus should not be on planning for a possible delay if terrorists strike prior to or on Election Day but rather planning for nothing but the election to go on as planned.  Even the mere discussion of adjusting our political infrastructure and traditions is hauntingly reminiscent of the spineless stance the Spanish so recently took.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I believe that the elections should go ahead as scheduled, but with a backup date in case of crisis. We can' t let the terrorist disrupt our democratic process (regardless of the very poor choice in candidates).
Craig L.
Chesapeake, VA

Bush is trying to once again eliminate more of our democratic rights and do something unconstitutional - the Bush administration will stop at nothing to hold its grip on power.  The delay of the election, in fact, is a sign that Bush is trying to establish a dictatorship based on the military.  Flop is an understatement.
Dave S.
Frankfort, IL

No, we should not be scared of these cowards. I also think we should lift the law on carriage of personal firearms to polling places on election days as well.

I think we should stick to our election day guns in much the same way that Ike and his allies stuck to Operation Overlord once they had a firm date.
Rob S.
Shelby Twp., MI

My thought on the whole delaying of the elections in November is why?  If the world is such a safer place like our President claims every time he is questioned on why we invaded Iraq why would we have to worry about delaying our elections.  We shouldn't have to worry about another terror attack like 9/11.  The world is a safer place isn't it? Right.
Rome, NY

If they do pull off something to try and persuade the election to get Bush out, I do believe that will backfire on them. Something like that happens and any chance Kerry has is gone.
Dale S.
Gillett, PA

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