Hi Everyone!

Well, Election Day has come and gone and we had many changes to talk about this morning on 'Fox & Friends.' While many of us went to sleep, the control of the House of Representatives went to the Democrats by about the same margin as what the Republicans had held. And, the Senate remains unknown. In this political age it seems more the norm now to not know the election results right away. And it could be some time until we do know the outcome in Montana and Virginia. More to talk about tomorrow!

While we were on the air today for our extended coverage, the President reached out to both Democrats and Republicans congratulating the likely Speaker of the House-to-be, Nancy Pelosi. He also contacted Congressman Dennis Hastert to tell him, "Thanks for a job well done."

We'll return tomorrow to continue discussing what the changes on Capitol Hill will mean for you, the War on Terror, the war in Iraq, immigration and the economy. Until then, have a great day!


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