Egyptian Woman Files for Divorce Over Husband’s Refusal to Shower

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An Egyptian woman has filed for divorce from her husband on the grounds that he has not showered since they married, reported Sunday.

The wedding took place two months ago.

It was a quick courtship for Yara Saad Al-Din, 23, and Aysar Ali, 31, who got engaged two weeks after meeting on an airplane, AlArabiya reported.

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But a couple of months into the marriage and the honeymoon is over. Ali recently confessed to his blushing bride that he hasn't showered in all eight weeks of their union, and now the missus is ready to change her marriage vows to "till dirt do us part."

Ali claimed he could not bathe because of a skin disease which made him allergic to water. While a doctor confirmed Ali had a skin disease, he also said it had nothing to do with water, AlArabiya reported.

Al-Din filed for divorce. When Ali refused to grant her one, she filed for khol’a – an arrangement within Islam which will grant a woman a divorce if she renounces some financial rights.

An investigation into khol’a by turned up countless unusual reasons for divorce:

- An engineer in Port Said filed for divorce because her veterinarian husband insisted on keeping cats and dogs in the house.

- A civil servant divorced her husband because he had bad breath from eating too much garlic and because he did not wash his feet.

- An Egyptian housewife filed for khol’a after her husband refused to let her go to her father’s funeral.

- A sorcerer's wife filed for a divorce after he refused to give up his job.