The education system in America is broken, because we don't have our priorities in order.

We've put unions, power and indoctrination first and made hard-working students, teachers and parents an afterthought.

If politicians really cared about children, they'd encourage home schooling, private schools and other alternatives that bring innovation and results.

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Instead they throw money around. For instance, President Obama's stimulus program sends $100 billion to schools. New York lawmakers are adding $400 million too.

And if the government isn't throwing money at failure, it's shutting down the good schools and programs that are working and making a difference.

The D.C. voucher program is dead — despite rising graduation rates, test scores, teacher salaries and parental choice — because special interests like the teachers' union were against the idea from the start.

You certainly can't blame all of our education problems on unions or government; parents who don't seem to care very much about their children's education are a huge problem too.

However, when the parents of 1,700 kids who do care, but don't have any money to send their kids to good, safe schools, get the voucher program ripped out of their hands, you don't need to have an Ivy League education to figure out that's unfair.

What's the end result of government getting involved? The children, you know, the one's who shouldn't be left behind, are routinely left behind.

It's time to get our priorities in order, offer choice and the opportunity for innovation; and when Washington shows us it's not about them and their friends in the unions — then maybe I'll believe it's really "all about the children."

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