A Soprano, most of the Beatles and Tom, Penelope and Nicole in the what's-wrong-with-this picture glare of The Foxlight.

Edie Falco says she doesn't get as flustered now when people stop her on the street, but added that the price of fame was a little too high at first. And she admits that maybe she wasn't cut out to be famous. Tony's wife also says people who come to see her in a Broadway play these days are expecting some of her Soprano's character -- but she wants you to know she isn't just Carmela. Kapeesh?

A new BBC poll asked 30,000 English people to pick the greatest Britons of all time. And of course the Beatles were on it, right? Well, Sir Paul made it, and so did George Harrison and unquestionably John Lennon. But oops, no Ringo. Ouch. He was beaten out by the likes of Johnny Rotten and George Michael. Oh that dry British sense of humor.

Finally, what can Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz look forward to when they visit her home country of Spain? That is, if they're together much longer? Giant billboards of Nicole Kidman everywhere. Kidman is the new face for Spain's biggest department store. Oh, that dry Australian sense of humor.