Dying Woman Will Choose Who Gets Her Kidneys on Reality TV Show

We really can’t make this stuff up! Dutch reality television has produced a show, starring a 37-year-old dying woman who wants to choose who gets her kidneys! Yes, that’s right…she’s going to select one of the three contestants to receive her kidneys based on their history, profile and conversations with family and friends. The Dutch government has called for the show to be dropped calling it “unethical” and “wretched.”

If someone tried to rob you and then ask you out for dinner, would you go out with them? When two men robbed a U-Haul store in Milwaukee, they tried to get more than just the cash! One man stayed behind to ask the employee that he just forced to the ground, if he could have her phone number and maybe go out sometime! Can you believe it? Obviously, the woman said no and the robber fled the scene.

Teenagers throwing eggs is not really a new thing. However, the target of these thrown eggs is absolutely outrageous! Two 13-year-old boys from Boston were caught throwing eggs at veterans at a Memorial Day parade! These two boys are now facing felony charges.

A new scam is targeting military families. We are investigating and we'll have complete details on tomorrow's show.

Are you a coach or youth group leader? If so, I'd love to hear from you. I was once a fourth grade Sunday school instructor. (There should be a special place in heaven for those who volunteer!) Anyway, my own children were very young and I simply didn't know how to control the nine and ten-year-old boys. The girls would come in, sit down and do whatever the project was. They would listen to the lesson without making noise. But the boys… they were a different story all together. I'd talk to the parents and sometimes their children even ignored them! Have you ever been in a situation where you had to handle unruly children who weren't your own? What did you do and did it work? What about coaches who have a large team they have to control and get to work together? How do you handle kids who misbehave? I would love for you to share your advice.

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