DVD Extras? No Thanks

So the three-disc edition of "American Gangster" is out and it has two versions of the film, plus commentaries from the director and screenwriter.

You also get music videos, a "making-of" documentary and, most important, an interview with the cast by Matt Lauer. His peach-fuzz hair and earnest expression make him look like a confused baby eaglet emerging from its shell.

Lastly, you get eight documentaries about heroin. By the time you're done watching all of this, you'll know exactly how to shoot up between your toes. Schulz took notes.

These days, it seems we crave more and more disposable material. In college, we never devoted so much effort to our classes or even buying crank. Now we strive to fill this bucket called life with worthless crap, until death.

Look, overly scrutinizing anything is never a good idea — which is why I tell my houseboys to keep the lights out. But now we get slop edited out of bad movies foisted on us as an "extra." We paid not to see this stuff the first time.

On a related note, be on the look out for the Special Edition "Red Eye" DVD. It has 20 hours of special commentary done from the recording studio in my basement (with bonus tracks in Vietnamese and Polynesian). Plus, never-before-seen outtakes of new uses for the Public Library Cafe umbrellas in Bryant Park at 4 a.m.

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