Dutch Artist Lets Patrons Leave Message on 'God's Hotline'

Are you there God?

A Dutch artist, Johan van der Dong, is hoping that you place a call to find out the answer.

He is including a telephone number called 'God's Hotline' in his newest art installation in the town of Groningen, the Netherlands. When patrons call the number it always goes to voicemail and the message decrees,"This is the voice of God. I am not able to speak to you at the moment, but please leave a message."

The hotline will be officially launched on Saturday, but 'God's' voicemail already has over 1,000 messages. The line will remain open for the next six months.

Its aim is to educate the Dutch people on changes in the way they perceive religion through the lens of the priorities of modern life. Critics of the project say that the phone number makes fun of those who hold their religious beliefs scared.

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