Dumb Luck?

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Dear Viewers,

Today I have attached a few pictures to the blog. If you are receiving this blog directly to your e-mail account, go to www.gretawire.com to see the pictures.

One picture is of me in the sheriff's office and should be titled "dumb luck." I went to the sheriff's office Monday morning just to say hello and instead spent about 30 minutes there talking and taking pictures. While there, I over heard someone say, "There is a verdict." It came across his pager. Of course I then picked my blackberry out of the holster at my side and immediately notified my producers ... and, I suspect, we had the news first. I would like to think I was clever at getting it first, but the truth is, as you can see from the picture, I was just "hanging out" waiting and had old fashion luck.

As you think about the Peterson (search) case, you might want to keep in mind this: The jury saw and heard a completely different trial than anyone else. They even saw a different case than anyone in the media saw who was present for the entire trial. Here is an example of what I mean: Often the jury would be sent out of the room and something was discussed in court that they did not hear, but the public and media did. You also can't underestimate the value of deliberations in the jury room.

I have grabbed — randomly — e-mails from our show account. This selection of e-mails for our blog is NOT scientific nor is there any particular reason for the selection.

E-mail No. 1

I'm wondering what was in the white envelopes the jury was given on their way out of the courthouse and the brown envelopes they carried into the news conference?

ANSWER: Great question! And you have a great eye to notice it! The envelopes contain requests by the media for interviews.

E-mail No. 2

Dear Greta....
We heard that Scott was a "perfect child" ... a "perfect son"... a perfect husband... and he thought he had committed the "perfect crime" ... but Laci and her unborn son proved him wrong ... in spite of being weighted down by cement anchors, against all odds they emerged to prove who murdered them.
Fran Thomas
Canton, MI

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta... love your show.
I just wanted to comment on the Scott Peterson verdict. I thought that the jury was to "find Scott guilty, with the evidence, BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT"? I feel that the jury went mostly on emotion rather that facts; until today there is no concrete evidence that ties him to a murder. How can they possibly convict him at all? Also, there seems to be a reprieve in regards to the O.J. Simpson case here. What's going on with the court system? I hope that I, for one, will never have to experience sitting in front of a jury of 12.
Randy Sue Holdridge
Palmdale, CA

Happy Holidays!

E-mail No. 4

I think the verdict was just. He would probably have been murdered in prison. Now he will have years alone to think about it. But I am wondering why he is guilty of killing the unborn baby when doctors (and mothers) kill thousands of unborn babies every year, and it is not considered murder, a crime, or even a sin by law officials.
D. A. Keys
Salt Lake City, UT

E-mail No. 5

When I listened to the three jurors at their press conference, I thought I was hearing a recording of what I, and most of the people I know, have been saying for at least three months. If there should ever be a similar case with such extensive media coverage, please include some ordinary common-sense citizens on your panel. I was extremely tired of listening to a group of egotistical lawyers trying to impress the world with their analytical intelligence and whose arrogance was exceeded only by that of Scott Peterson.
Thomas G. Loafmann
Glencoe, MO

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta,
Thanks for the balanced coverage of the Peterson trial. I am discouraged by our desire for revenge. Criminals are mentally ill and need to be treated in a hospital setting. If we are to mature as a civilized society, we need to nurture everyone.
Bill Pfantz
Kansas City, MO

E-mail No. 7

It is a shame if they file an appeal. The only winners will be the defense attorneys (financially) as there is no jury in this country that will change what happened. I feel sorry for both families. It would be terribly difficult for me to imagine that my child committed such a terrible act, therefore, I feel for Jackie Peterson. It was apparent that Geragos thought he was going to get a "not guilty". He isn't quite so arrogant now. It is hard to believe that Scott is even human, more like a robot. Have a great Holiday.

E-mail No. 8

Please, do me a favor and STOP stroking these jurors' egos. They are clearly morons and not understanding of the law or the oath they swore as jurors. Civic duty my foot, these people are in a bubble, especially that woman Richelle Nice, who is clearly looking for money and fame. Yesterday, at the beginning of their PC, she made SURE to tell the media that she was an "UNEMPLOYED MOTHER OF FOUR BOYS." Need I say more?
Where there were gaps in the evidence, they justified it by DISCARDING it or finding some non-evidentiary reason to discount it. They convicted Scott Peterson of this double murder based on "bad character" and post Laci disappearance BEHAVIOR.
These are the more intellectually challenged people I have ever listened to in my life, and the citizens of this country aught to be very, very scared tonight. Justice was not served by this verdict because the letter of the law was not followed. It's just a shame that Judge Delucchi doesn’t have the courage to correct this heinous judicial travesty.
Shani S.
New York, NY

E-mail No. 9

Hi Greta,
At the end of your show tonight ... Jeannie (sp?) said she thought the jurors were snickering at the press conf. right after the verdict ...
I watched every minute ... and what I saw were very tired, stressed jurors, that had done a fantastic job ... and were so tired, that they couldn't laugh or cry purposely ... those were involuntary emotions coming out ... in whatever way they could at that point!
They all deserve the utmost of gratitude from us all ... they worked hard and came to the right conclusion!

E-mail No. 10

Why don't you go back to CNN? You are disgusting and your constant assessment of the Petersen's trial was appalling, only surpassed by your awful panel, including mostly Jeff Fieger and his despicable statement about Geragos and Gloria Allred, that ambulance-chasing freak.
Count me out as a viewer of your program FROM NOW ON.
Sharon McMillan


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