Duck Tales

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Dynasty War?

No apologies from the office of Independent Senator Jim Jeffords (search), who said on a Vermont radio program that President Bush may start a war in Iran to help elect his brother Jeb to the White House. A spokesman for the senator says the theory has been discussed in political circles.

There's been bad blood between Jeffords and the White House ever since the senator left the Republican Party in 2001, after a "falling out" with the Bush administration.

Duck Tales

The Secret Service (search) — protector of presidents — is now also defender of a duck.

A brown mallard built a nest for her nine eggs just outside the main entrance to the Treasury Department on Pennsylvania Avenue. The Secret Service's uniformed division is now guarding the duck and the eggs.

Treasury Department staffers are calling the duck everything from "Quacks Reform" to "T-Bill" to "Duck Cheney."